The other day we made Rocket Ship Footprints! I saw the idea here but thought we should use some aluminium foil instead of paint. I wanted the kids to have more to do as well so we used glitter and stick on stars and glued on some tissue paper. Fun! {ok and maybe a little messy too with all the glitter + a 2 year old!}
First I traced the kids footprints onto some aluminium foil. 
While I cut them out, the kids were busy using a glue stick all over a piece of black cardstock, and then added glitter and gold star stickers. This bit was easy for Chloe to do.
Then we glued the footrpint cut out onto the paper. They also helped me use the craft punches to punch out the rocket ship windows and glued on the other rocketship parts. 
Then they scrunched up some paper and stuck it onto the glue underneath the rocketship.
 Their rocket ship footprints – all finished :o}
We hung them up on the wall near the paper mache solar system :o}