Decorating + crafts + baking are my favourite things and themed parties and beautiful dessert tables are on my mind.
{image from Imprintables}
{image from Polkadot Prints}
As I find + develop my mumma style when it comes to parties and occasions {and everyday life, really!} I seem to lean towards the same mumma style my own mother exuded through my childhood. She was always an excellent and creative hostess and as kids we absolutely loved our birthday parties, Halloween parties, Thanksgiving and Christmas dinners and our Ausralia Day BBQ’s. {I come from a multi-national household so we celebrate everything!}
Nothing was just an ordinary occasion – and I like that it made celebrating so magical.
What I remember most about Mum’s parties is the beautiful atmosphere and experience she would create. The table, the food, the decor, the take home goodies. I remember one Christmas, she made a large chicken wire frame and hung it from the ceiling above the dining table. We used fishing wire to hang individual fragrant white flowers from the frame. It looked like snow.
Oh. Memories.
I have made a few attempts to channel her talent and have often been disappointed in the result. So our celebrations have been pretty low key and sometimes even overlooked. I think it’s time to change that especially as my little guy is growing up so quickly.
After browsing through hundreds of photos of themed parties and decorated tables looking for inspiration for some upcoming holidays and birthdays, as well as remembering the parties from my childhood, I am re-inspired to try and create some magic for my own family.
Maybe I am a lot more like my Mum than I thought!

Here are some places I found inspiration & ideas, there are so many more out there though!
I am tossing up between a few ideas for my son’s 4th and my daughter’s 1st. I am leaning towards either an party based on the Disney/Pixar “Up” or a “Masterchef Party” for the little guy. A perhaps very common but oh-so-cute Cupcake theme or perhaps a Ladybug theme for the little girl. I’ve seen some beautiful inspiration for Ladybug parties!
I know they are both next year, but I take forever to make decisions and love to plan plan plan, so the earlier I get into gear the better.