5 thoughts on “The Reality of BSL

  1. I believe it I am ashamed to admit, I only wish it was the latter. The people who commit these acts of cruelty (Yes they should be charged with a crime!) are vile evil monsters & I can’t comprehend how they live with themselves or sleep at night. I am a cross-poster for tons of homeless animals, mainly via Facebook I belong to countless groups. I can’t share them all but every post I see I make an effort to share it and help spread the word. Although I’m not directly involved, I see it as doing my part to try and help the situation. I do not discriminate. I love & fight for all animals. The work I do thru my activism is all for them, their welfare & the health of this planet. It is a god damn SHAME what we do to animals. It is an abomination that these crimes against innocent animals can take place! I always thought an animal shelter would protect and help animals?!?!?! Bless the animals always <3


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