Just Kill ‘Em All…

How would BSL advocates clear out the shelters filled with adoptable pets?


“Euthanizing all shelter animals.”, Daxton’s Friends board member Tony Solesky shares. Just kill ’em all and start over solution that Solesky shares and not surprisingly his fellow board member at Daxton’s Friends supports this disgusting solution to over crowded shelters.

Once again, the one solution BSL advocates offer is death.

8 thoughts on “Just Kill ‘Em All…

  1. Not remotely surprised. This is the same group that justifies SETTING PUPPIES on fire and discuses “how to” poison their neighbor’s pet. Sociopaths, every one of them

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  2. I would love to see what ignorant Tony thinks about the foster system or the the tens of thousands of orphans just in this country. Euthanize them all? Unless there is a family that wants them before they are born? I believe stupid people like Tony need to be euthanized before they speak. it would improve the gene pool by 90%. This might be the reason Tony has failed at everything he has attempted.

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  3. Yeah, Tony is a whole extra level of stupid. He actually thinks people read his long diatribes 50 posts deep into a comment thread and then research the issue.

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  4. Overbreeding is not the only reason dogs, cats are in shelters. The other reason is the despicable attitude he has, of animals being disposable, that their lives don’t matter. We live in a disposable, throw-away society. Don’t want it, throw it away; out of fashion, throw it away; too old, throw it away; broken but fixable, throw it away.
    He’s a disgusting ignorant jerk.

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  5. I hope this tony guy doesnt have children because in my opionon your not fit to raise a child let alone a helpless animal. My dog is my constant companion,friend and my 3rd child yes im a proud and loud voice for all fur babies


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