An Open Letter

::::: This wonderful written letter wasn’t written by me, but by an awesome friend and a powerful advocate. I feel blessed sharing her words..::::::


An open letter to anyone who thinks pit bull type dogs are inherently bad and should be banned:

You say these dogs don’t deserve love and a chance to live happy lives. You say all dogs who look a certain way should pay the ultimate price because a dog somewhere else who looks that way has done something. You think that we who love and responsibly care for our blocky headed dogs called “pit bulls” should be punished and blamed for incidents that don’t even involve our dogs. You need to know something, We who are responsible, intelligent, respectable members of communities are the majority of who share their lives with these “pit bulls” whom you hate and discriminate against. As hard as you fight to ban and silence our dogs, we will fight 100 times harder because our dogs are deserving of the wonderful lives we give them. We do not want the continued over breeding, fighting, abusive actions to continue and regardless of what poisonous lies you attempt to spew to anyone who will listen,  we speak out against those travesties but we also speak out against you, because you aim to do as much harm to our dogs as the back yard breeders, fighters and abusers do. We are the majority and we and our blocky headed dogs are not disappearing. Quite the contrary, we join together in love and support for our dogs and love always wins over hate.
A life long advocate and responsible dog parent

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