“Drink the Kool-aid and Shut Up…”

Just Drink the Kool Aid…..


Repeatedly, Melissa has pointed out correctly that  Dogo Argentinas are not pit bulls and that there is not one source out there BESIDES Daxton’s Friends that call Dogo Argentinas pit bulls. Yet, according to Daxton’s Friends Founder Jeff Borchardt, it’s allll a conspiracy.


Melissa isn’t the only one calling out the inaccurate site, it seems as if member Norberto Moran also questions why every other information site out there does not support Borchardts claim.


This is exactly why Daxton’s Friends will never become a legitimate source of information for any dog owner or potential dog owner researching their breeds of choice. The false claim of being based off “real historical documents” is once again a blatant lie in an attempt to somehow create credibility for the floundering over glorified blog.




2 thoughts on ““Drink the Kool-aid and Shut Up…”

  1. Hahahaha….Maybe Jeff’s site should be showed to the actual dog fighters, they so often quote, and see what they say! I think that would be a hoot! The tides are turning, and we are the majority!! #winning!


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