Dog Fighting & BSL Advocates Go Hand in Hand…

Anyone with a soul and conscience understands that dog fighting is absolutely revolting, repulsive, disgusting, cruel, loathsome, contemptible, abominable and understandably a felony. Pretty much, it’s understand that if you support dog fighting and engage in dog fighting you are pretty much a disgusting criminal POS that should be rotting in jail. So, it’s absolutely disgusting, yet predictable to see BSL advocates THRILLED with an article from a game dog forum that was posted about the idea of dog fighting becoming legal in Kentucky.


Although, after a bit of research (Which seems to be difficult for BSL advocates), it shows just how BSL Advocate Julie Wall has failed to comprehend the legislative piece. Since BSL Advocates routinely stalk this blog, I’ll be nice and break it down for them:

A legislative panel approved a measure today that would amend Kentucky’ dog-fighting law to also make it illegal to promote the practice. Senate Bill 14, as amended in the state Senate Agriculture Committee, would make the owning, possessing, breeding, training, selling or transferring of dogs intended for use in dog fighting a felony punishable by one year to five years in prison.

While to the normal and mentally healthy person with a SOUL, making dog fighting a Class D Felony is great, leave it to BSL advocates to actually advocate FOR dog fighting.


The idea of dog fighting legalized makes the infamous and disgusting Lorde Faust INCREDIBLY joyous as she types in excitement,”Yay! Put the pits back in the pits!” Then there is good ‘ole Gail, she’s totally not opposed to dog fighting, because you know… those pit bulls just love to fight to the death according to her. The only thing she is unsure of is… you know, those pesky dog fights can be a bit…. “swarmy”, that those dog fights can attract those darn criminals…drug dealing and stuff. Not worried about the abuse and torture of the animals involved, but more about the other criminal stuff.

What is interesting is to see Mia Johnson, the co founder of National Pit bull Victim Awareness actually like the possible idea of dog fighting legal. Once again confirming that BSL advocates are perfectly fine with and support criminal and horrific treatment of pit bull and bully breed type dogs. A self proclaimed “public safety servant” supporting dog fighting? I’m not even sure how that makes any sense… you be the judge.



5 thoughts on “Dog Fighting & BSL Advocates Go Hand in Hand…

  1. It figures….and wasn’t it rottenbush’s son who owned the dog, that killed her grandson, and she told her son, because he already had a warrant or something like that , to get out of dodge, and let someone else or maybe to blame the dog? Maybe she was also involved in actual dog fighting..and I know they have all fallen way below the basement level. They are now worse than the bowels of the devil….

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