Daxton’s Friends Board Members & BSL Advocates Attack Veterans

An ex-Marine, suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder and a brain injury thanks to a deployment to Iraq finds himself targeted by the warden in the City of Lakewood and now by the board members of the small PRO BSL hate group/non-profit Daxton’s Friends.

veteren3.PNG(Picture provided by thedodo.com)

According to Aurora Wells, writer for the Dodo.com.  Veteran Patrick Boyd adopted his emotional support dog Veronica in 2011, even working with a certification program to get Veronica to receive the training needed to work as Patrick’s emotional support dog. According to the city of Lakewood’s own breed- specific legislation, Patrick was not breaking the law since service dogs are an exception to the ordinance and while the Warden continued to harass him, it seems as if the courts sided with Boyd.


That seems to irritate the failed politician Solesky, Founding board member of Daxton’s Friends. Calling the Iraq veteran irresponsible and fraudulent, he proceeds to mock the injured veteran all because Solesky feels that he should have a choice in the tools that Veteran Patrick Boyd should use- which is what Veronica is besides being a dog- she is a tool needed for Boyd to be able to function on a daily basis.



(Borchardt letting the public know that he feels that Veterans with pit bulls should be excluded.)

This isn’t the first case of board members of Daxton’s Friends mocking and harassing veterans that happen to be pit bull owners. In fact, the founding board member Jeff Borchardt commented that he felt the need to remind veterans that are pit bull owners that their dogs need to be euthanized. It’s interesting that a convicted felon, who couldn’t and wouldn’t even be able to serve their country feels that he should have a voice in what veterans should or should not have.

7 thoughts on “Daxton’s Friends Board Members & BSL Advocates Attack Veterans

  1. What the moron doesn’t understand is that a service dog can be trained to serve a purpose for a person with a documented disability, any disability, You do not have to be blind or deaf to be have a service dog. Many victims of PTSD become panic-stricken when in crowded areas….the dog’s job is to hold others at bay. That takes a large dog. A poodle just can’t do the job. This man is an idiot, and pulling data out of his ass……the organization which is helping to train Bubs has trained many pit bull terrier type dogs to be service dogs. Bubs has already had upwards of 1200 hours of training to be of service in my life. I would like one idiot like this to tell me that I am irresponsible. And I’d like to see if his dog is a 10th as well-trained and well-behaved as my boy is……

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  2. So these two Failed Parents( I use that term Parent loosely ) the one allowed his son to be bitten. The other failed to provide professional daycare for his son. Now they both blame an animal for 100% human Failures. I see, I bet growing up they got trophy’s and medals for being average at best, they never were taught to assume RESPONSABILITY for their own Failures. Now they are going after Men that fought for our Country and sacrificed their body’s while doing that. Both these subhuman loser need to get a life. Learn from their own Failures and try to climb up to just being a loser not the subhuman losers they are today. When ever either of them posts it sounds like little kids on the play ground having a Tantrum.

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  3. Hmmmm…this is funny…from what I saw posted, TS son, in fact provoked the dog, and was playing unsupervised in an alley near his home? Who lets a child at that age play in a alleyway unsupervised?? WTH?! Yep, these people are the epitome of what is wrong with our world today. They all have that “entitlement” narcissistic mentality! They have to blame something that cannot speak for themselves, because they know they failed in every way in today’s society….


  4. Solesky is one of the most arrogant people that I have ever had the displeasure to know over the years. It is no wonder why he lost so badly in his efforts to find an elected place in the city. With such a narrow minded attitude, it is a wonder how such a lame-brained nimrod continues to carry on with life. And now for him to pick on a veteran because of a perception! Disgusting.

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  5. Reblogged this on mongrelsandmen and commented:
    Just another demonstration of the complete lack of respect for the countries veterans shown by theses so called public safety advocates, and considering breed specific legislation ignores victims of non banned breeds equating to 113 deaths over a ten year period, legitimate advocates speak for all victims and not just victims of a breed/type of dog they hate.


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