The Wrath of Dumb & Dumber

::::: Warning!!! This Post will absolutely offend a recently fired fraudulent Examiner Reporter and her Bushy bearded Quack from Down Under!!:::::


Offended those two be. So offended at being exposed for the frauds that the majority knows them to be. So offended they are that they are diligently working on silencing anyone who dares point out their disgraceful behavior, yet thankfully people refuse to stay silent.


It seems as if supporters of a certain disgraced “reporter” and alleged “rescue” owner are dropping like flies, especially since she continues to make herself look like a total idiot by continuing to post fabricated stories and pass them off as the truth.


How anyone took her seriously after attempting to turn a dog attack into a death by falling off the ladder scenario is beyond me. Thanks to her lies and over inflated ego, she has become the laughing stock of the community and it’s only going down hill from there.

The Bearded Idiot from Down Under

It’s a no brainer why the bearded quack from down under is nestled firmly right up her tush. Rejected for his unstable and dangerous behavior towards not just BSL Advocates but also against anti- BSL advocates, the bearded idiot has not only threatened at one time group members of releasing private contact information to BSL Advocates and makes attempts to shut down personal Facebook profiles with anyone who disagrees with his erratic and destructive behavior.  Only one person welcomes his extreme behavior with wide open arms because she herself does the exact same thing and to solidify their working relationship.


She has given him the one thing he has been searching for… a place to belong.

Now it makes sense why the Bushed Quack from down under defends his new partner with such passion. Crazy loves the bat shit crazy.

Threats from the Unhinged

The bearded moron has informed everyone that if anyone out there decides to support the release of his partner from the Examiner for making up stories to line her pocket, he will stalk your personal information and attempt to make your life miserable. His message to you, myself and everyone out there is:

“Keep your mouth shut and I won’t make any trouble for you”- The Beared Quack from Down Under

I don’t know about you guys but my response is pretty self explanatory:


6 thoughts on “The Wrath of Dumb & Dumber

  1. Pmsl!!! strange how I was allegedly the one doing the threatening why was it Facebook removed you all??? Pmsl the fact is I never threatened anyone your friend Kris done all the threatening and name calling and abusing facebook by using to launch a hate campaign against me!? pmsl!! thanks for the good chuckle Kimberly!!!! pmsl!!!!.

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    1. With all of that pissing, maybe you should use a bathroom? Facebook removed who? Not I or Kris… What’s that I hear? Oh yes, Cindy would like you to crawl up her ass once again! Glad you found someone to actually like you.

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  2. Reblogged this on mongrelsandmen and commented:
    This is Kimberly’s latest attempt to shut me up you’ll note the total lack of anything resembling proof, the fact is you all got booted because you bullied me!! bad luck try again Kimberly except this time try including some evidence to support your absurd inaccurate claims mmk Darl? pmsl!!!!!!!

    I’m an editor on reunion rescue’s facebook page and that’s where my association with the organization stops, and as you can see Kimberly’s stalked all my internet accounts searching for dirt and when she came up empty she decided to make shit up?

    I didn’t threaten or abuse any one hence I was not booted from Facebook were you booted Kimberly? thought so!! pmsl!!!!


  3. Terry, care to share why your fearless leader Cindy is on a 30-day “timeout” from FB, too? I believe it’s the 3rd or 4th one for her. And I say “timeout” because she doesn’t even try to hide the fact that she goes against FB rules by creating multiple profiles and just continues to post to her blocked page.

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      1. They all do. Every one of us have Cindy and Terry blocked on FB, yet somehow they can still see and complain any time someone disagrees with them.


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