Tuesday Night Giggles

Sometimes you just have to do things for a good giggle… and pointing out the eerily similarities between the creepy Sleestak and the notorious BSL Advocacy will make you giggle.


Just like the Sleestak, BSL advovates congregate in groups, ready and salivating in anticipation of their next victim.


Like the Sleestak, BSL Advocates will tell you outright that it’s their way or the highway. Not known for their understanding and compassion, BSL Advocates and the Sleestak are easily angered by simple things such as breathing, blinking, talking, twitching, walking, disagreeing, eating, swimmimg, venturing into their territory…


Beyond the personality similarities, sometimes they share similar physical characteristics. Is it genetics or mother nature telling us something?

2 thoughts on “Tuesday Night Giggles

  1. Enik: They are not logical.
    Will Marshall: Now, Enik, if you’ve been in the Land of the Lost that much longer than we have, you ought to know by now that everything they do lacks logic.
    Enik: That is logical.


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