Triggers: What Prompts a BSL Advocate to Attack.

1.PNG – We’ve placed together a list of BSL Advocate attack triggers, routine activities that launch a BSL Advocate into a full-fledged attack. Due to selective inbreeding for the purposes of spreading ignorance and hate– BSL Advocates were artificially selected to attack unpredictably, to “type super fast and stalk multiple internet sites at one time,” and to hide warning signals before an attack — the BSL Advocate  often demonstrates “hair trigger” explosive rounds of verbal diarrhea.

Known Triggers that Prompt a BSL Attack: 



Global Pandemic is on the Horizon:




Let’s face it, attacks from BSL are on the rise. According to our residential math expert, Merrit Senseless writes, “BSL advocate attacks have risen 779% in the past year, that is about 1 BSL Advocate attack per minute. We are looking at a global pandemic and it’s not going to get any better soon until we start pleading the CDC to start taking these attacks from BSL Advocates seriously.”

The Invasion and What you can do to Stop it.


Thanks to social media and internet providers, attacks from BSL Advocates can happen anywhere and at anytime. In a perfect world, the only way to 100% prevent an attack from a BSL advocate is to unplug your life, deactivate your Facebook, twitter and whatever social media platform you use, destroy your cellphone with a sledgehammer and crawl into a cave, but studies have that crawling is in fact just another trigger that can set of the ticking time bomb (AKA the BSL Advocate.).  You may not beable to prevent an attack, but you CAN take control and boot that BSL Advocate right back to the Land of Morons.

How you ask? Simple…. just follow these steps:

How to Deal with an Aggressive BSL Advocate in 4 easy steps.

  1. Remember… you are not alone.
5.3 million people or more are just like you. Living life with a happy, well adjusted pit bull and living life to the fullest. Strength in numbers… and that one thing BSL advocates lack.
2.  Get to Know your Block button.
Block ’em and move on. Any attention, including negative, is great for them. Think of them like gremlins… what’s the rule? Don’t feed them after midnight? Well, for BSL Advocates it’s like that… don’t feed them any form of attention and eventually they will slither back to their groups upset that they couldn’t get a rise from you.
3. Laugh your Ass off.
All of the steps are important, but this probably is one of the most important. BSL advocates will say and do the most horrible and disgusting things with one goal in mind: To ruin your day. That’s what they want to do. They live and breath the idea of ruining your day and spend hours finding ways to do it and the moment you give them that satisfaction… they go in for the kill.  Laugh. LOL allll you want. LMFAO if you want to.. the minute you point and laugh and show just how ignorant they are, they know they have lost the fight.  Humor will be your greatest tool, better than any breakstick out there.
4. Live your Life.
Keep living your life just the way that makes you happy, because you can be positive that those grumpy BSL Advocates are not enjoying theirs and are choking on their envy.



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