The Horde

The Horde of Little Dogs

It’s almost predictable. Clock strikes 9:48 am and it begins. The shrieking high pitched barks echoes down the street as if it’s a warning and our neighborhood prepares. Dog owners stop chatting as they look down the street in the same direction. Quick good byes are spoken as we hurry to our homes, dogs are put in side and those that have their smaller children riding on the sidewalks are quickly scooped up and shuffled safely inside, the echoing of doors closing can be heard down the street… one by one, families prepare for the horde.


(Red Rose Exile)

If you are a brave soul, you will peek out the window and hope to God that the horde of small dogs of Rue De Lamour don’t catch a glimpse of you. You watch them run up the street, down the street, back up the street, pillaging yards and chasing some random person who was not lucky to find sanctuary. Every day. Every damn day… and 9:48 am is just one of the multiple times the house down the street lets the horde loose, holding a neighborhood hostage.

Little Dog Syndrome

It’s apparent just how cute they think their horde of little dogs are. Decked out in their little sweaters, some with adorable little booties on their precious little feet so they don’t hurt their little paws as they run wild through our yards (you know, because some your insensitive neighbors have cactuses and prickly bushes in their yards.) and the street. It’s no secret in the neighborhood that they think it’s hilarious when the horde surround a child or chase them as they try to make it to point A to point B yelling, ” Oh, their little bites won’t hurt you!” as a kid hauls ass to get away from the stylish dressed horde. They just don’t understand why their neighbors won’t join in with all of the fun! They won’t hurt a fly, they just want to play, isn’t it cute, how funny is that, hold on… I’m putting this on Facebook, your dog is such a wuss, at least mine aren’t PIT BULLS  are just things that they normally sing when confronted with their obvious lapse in responsible dog ownership.


“At least My Roaming Horde of Ankle Biters aren’t Pit Bulls.”

You know what? Thank GOD their dogs are not pit bulls. No really though, their roaming horde of terriers, fat chi’s and dachshunds are just as bad. No, let me correct that… Their dogs are not bad… they are just dogs being unsupervised poorly trained dogs, the owner on the other hand are bad. Like… they need a phone book rolled up and swat upside the head kind of bad. BUT- can you imagine if they did have pit bulls?

Those dogs have bitten both human and dogs. Those dogs have almost been hit daily by cars, bikes and motorcycles. Eventually something will happen and one or more of those dogs will pass over the rainbow bridge because of a totally preventable death, but all of that is not considered a big deal because they are not pit bulls, . We have become a society were free passes on irresponsible dog ownership is given based on the size and breed of dogs and we can thank BSL Advocates for that.

Is the BSL Advovacy Destroying Our Communities?

Absolutely. According to BSL Advocates, the purpose of BSL isn’t about preventing all dog attacks or holding all dog owners responsible, just the owners of the breeds they dislike. Owners of aggressive and dangerous dogs, no matter the breed, should be held equally accountable. As laughable as a horde of small dogs might seem, the damage they can do (and have done) is life changing. While BSL advocates attempt to have communities focus on a certain population of dog owners, they are allowing irresponsible dog owners of different breeds to continue to be a danger to our communities.

9:48 am
3 dogs, 5 teens, 4 toddlers, 1 mailman and 12 families have been affected by the stylish horde and until things change, the dreaded 9:48 am is always right around the corner.

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