Who Doesn’t Hate a Fake Story?

Who doesn’t hate fake stories? Everyone, right? But who really hates being busted on sharing a fake story thinking it was real? BSL Advocates…. that’s who. Honestly, I laughed so hard when I watched this unfold and you probably will too….

So, this morning a Mr. Borchardt decided to tag me on a post that he posted. I would link it here for you, but sadly, he deleted it minutes later HOWEVER, I was quick to grab a screen shot of it…


….. can you imagine what they had to type in google to find this fake story? He was SO EXCITED to tag me in this post…. so excited that it had to be shared on their hate group


RIGHT? WTF is exactly the first thing that comes to mind when you see this and they are ready to start rambling on about their bestiality obsessions…


Eh…. the only ones that has the sick bestiality fantasies come from the DBO side. How many times do I have to keep busting them for talking about it all the time and again that makes me ask.. WHO THE HELL GOOGLES THIS STUFF?!!?!?!


Yep, He really hates they do these fake stories, especially when he tries to engage me in something only to have to delete it because he didn’t FACT check it to make sure it was a valid story in the first place.


3 thoughts on “Who Doesn’t Hate a Fake Story?

  1. He fell for it, hook, line and sinker!!! LOL….So dj, and Dman, tell me again who are the sick ones when it comes to shit like this!! The only time I see anything about this perverted subject, is when YOU PEOPLE bring it up, let alone the time you spend on the internet, searching for articles and video to watch…

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