National Fear Mongering Awareness


As 2016 rolls in, I think it’s time to recognize the faces behind the National Fear Mongering Awareness, otherwise known as the BSL Advocacy. I think it’s important that we recognize the cycle that the BSL advocacy promotes to propagate fear and hate which eventually leads to irrational violence towards pets and families. In 2015, we where blown away by the sheer cruelty and violence directed at family pets based off the fear mongering regurgitated by the BSL Advocacy.

In 2015, the rise of a new Pro BSL Advocacy website popped up and started a campaign with the intent to promote fear and hatred, even holding hands with the notorious PETA who has openly declared that a happy pit bull is a euthanized pit bull.


National Pit Bull Victim Awareness is founded out of Canada by two women, Mia Johnson and disgraced Canadian topless reporter, Lori Whelbourne.


In attempt to bolster their campaign, Johnson and Whelbourne boast of OVER “50 organizations and social media groups” that support breed specific legislation. As impressive as that sounds, they are deliberately misleading the public. When you start looking at the “organizations” and pull back the curtain that they use to obfuscate the truth from the public, the truth becomes apparent.








 There are only TWO recognized non-profit groups out of the supposed 50,, created and ran by Colleen Lynn and Daxton’s Friends, created and ran by the Jeff and Kimberly Borchardt. The majority  of the “groups and organizations” have at least one of the board members of both non profit organizations involved with the social media groups. Basically, all of these “50 groups and organizations” are ran by a small group of people.



Jeff Borchardt alone created and runs at least 12 Facebook pages & groups, with board member Carol Miller owning and running at least 3 of pages herself and Daxton’s Board member Dennis Baker running around 4 pages himself.


What is alarming, is the dedication these individuals have in padding their numbers. How many fake profiles do each of them have?



One person alone has over 8 fake profiles, while it’s common knowledge that Jeff Borchardt as many as 6 profiles himself. Just by taking a look at the member list of their group The Pit Bull Propaganda Machine, it is filled with duplicates and fake profiles.

The BSL Advocacy has failed at any attempt in making our communities safer and have not prevented one single dog bite. What they have done with their fear mongering, misinformation and their flat out falsifying  information is making our communities even more dangerous. Their encouragement of sharing killing methods including poisoning places pets AND children in danger.

The fear mongering that Colleen Lynn, Jeff Borchardt and his small group of BSL Advocates promote and spread has proven to be dangerous but each and every day, their lies and misconceptions are being dispelled with hard workers within our communities. Millions of dog owners have spoken and their collective voices ring louder than the supposed “silent majority” that congregate among a handful of Facebook hate groups.

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