An Awakening

As each day passes, the extreme and erratic behavior of BSL Advocates are starting to make their new members nervous, even to the point of becoming hesitant of involving themselves and exposing their family members, friends and communities to their ever growing extremists tactics.


Like myself, millions of people are awakening to the toxic that is seeping out of the BSL Advocacy movement. The almost cyber terrorist like tactics that they attempt to bully their members into participating in, even to the point of demanding that they expose their community, friends and family to online attacks from strangers.


As many times as we hear BSL Advocates ramble and cry about being threatened for their anti- pit view, I think that they forget that it was their very own movement that worked to get one of their own activist’s fired from HER job, all because she refused to use the term “nutter” in her publications and for not toeing the line letting Colleen Lynn dictate what she should write in her online articles for the Examiner.

(Eve Sylvie AKA Eve Alexander)

As far as burning bridges, their latest victim, a reporter named Nisha Mal probably has an interesting story alone about her brief interaction with the BSL Advocates as they attack and belittle her…


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Attacking her speech to her obvious professional connections, I can’t help but wonder what would happen if Nisha wrote an article about her personal experience with BSL Advocates? Either way, it seems as if some of their own members are starting to become unsure about the slippery slope about banning breeds of dogs out right and makes legitimate points that I’m sure will cost him his membership to the exclusive super secret BSL group.


That is a good question, at the end of the day, will there be any dog left to own besides toy breeds? How many are on the restricted dog list anyhow? 75 now?

3 thoughts on “An Awakening

  1. It was only a matter of time before the radical group of haters started to stuff up, every day now they are turning on each other, splitting up from the main groups and starting their own smaller groups with more attention to the ~grey~ areas of BSL and using their brains instead of emotions on this volatile subject. I am personally glad this is happening because not everything is so black & white.. one reaps what they sow its as simple as that.

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  2. Any one want to tell Dennis that if he wanted to start with the dog with the most bites, it would be labs?

    Beyond a point though, the more level headed folks have got to hit their tolerance thresholds in dealing with the pathological elements over there. Can’t sit well when their advocacy style leads to so many of them being abandoned by their families, etc.

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