This is Scrappy. Scrappy is a dog of many roles, titles and job descriptions. Scrappy currently holds a Masters degree in sheer laziness. While he may be a pro at expanding and morphing into a size that somehow gives him the ability to hog beds and couches, he feels he still is amazingly light enough to be carried… like a baby.

According to certain groups, Scrappy is destined to eat me one day. In fact, certain groups are 100% positive he will have it done by the time he reaches 2. Scrappy is currently 4…..

According to certain groups, Scrappy is deemed a serial killer. I’ve discussed this in great lengths with him and he agrees… He has bits of fluff from his stuffed animal victims buried throughout his yard. Sadly, I keep buying them.. Will I be charged as an accomplice for the demise of multiple squeaky stuffed toys?


According to certain groups, Scrappy is a highly trained killing machine with advanced weapon training and imbued with the powers granted to him from Satan himself. Supposedly he can walk on two legs, slip through tiny cracks, dissolve into a mist and blend into his environment so that he has the advantage of hunting humans down. Yet, I can’t get him to fetch a stupid ball…

This is the 1st day of 2016 and I’m almost certain Scrappy has every murderous intention of breaking his sheer laziness record and has not conspired my demise with his Chihuahua cohort. Now, I know not every pit bull type dog is like him. Some will weight pull, some will actually fetch a ball that you throw, some will swim, fly, leap, help people, hike, bike, and trek and sadly, some dogs will hurt and kill people. However, before we start condemning millions of dogs, we need to remember that each dog deserves should be judged individually for their actions.

It’s 2016, time to kick BSL to the curb with the rest of the trash.

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