Fake it to Make it….


Who hasn’t heard the infamous BSL Advocate Jennifer Sue Scott (Dzikwoski) ramble on about the rampant faking of pit bull owners faking their land sharks into the prestigious roll of being a therapy dog?

I guess it’s different if you own ANOTHER non pit bull breed dog… because it’s 100% acceptable for her to fake her buddy into the role of a therapy dog…


Of course…. Making good ‘ole Ruby into a “therapy dog” because she hates leaving her pooch behind.


…. Making Ruby into a “therapy dog” because of some flying “anxiety”… Why not just take a Xanax?


Oh squeee! Good ‘ole Jennifer Sue can’t wait to commit some fraud! It’s fine when BSL Advocates do though right?

5 thoughts on “Fake it to Make it….

  1. yes, anyone can fly with their pet in the cabin as an emotional support animal IF a qualified mental health expert will write a letter, on letterhead, with contact information provided. The letter must “prescribe” an emotional support animal and be written within the past year.

    That is not a service dog, nor a therapy animal.

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  2. Honestly, these people are the true criminals. And you can bet your ass, as much as most them post, that their taxes pay for everything else, are in fact, lying. Most pit bull owners, are the ones paying for their lazy asses on welfare, food stamps, ect! I know for a fact, someone who has complained about her neighbor being on welfare, and food stamps, is in fact, on food stamps her self, because she will not get a real job…..these people are pathetic. They all refuse to look in their own backyards before harassing and discriminating against someone else.

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