Taking the Higher Road

You know, I find it amazing just how the bazillionare big bad “Pit Bull Lobby” prove Borchardt and his buddies wrong every day. About every day, Borchardt brags about how they harass people like Jane Berkey, Karen Delise, Ledy Van Kavage and a slew other people, even tweeting that it took “all night until 4 am to finally get blocked by Karen Delise” on twitter and yet, his victims take the higher road.

I’m sure that if they really wanted too, they could tie that middle aged DJ up in court for YEARS, costing him millions in legal fees…. yet they don’t. Why is that? At the end of the day, Borchardt becomes the very thing he accuses his victims of. It isn’t his victims that are creating hate page after hate page filled with memes….

Although I’m pretty sure his victims take the higher road because they have bigger and more important things to do…. like work on programs that help millions of humans and animals.  Save lives, educate and help fund programs that help our community OR engage with a 40+ year old mentally unstable, self entitled narcissistic man who is known for his EPIC online temper tantrums that would put any toddler to shame?

Although, what would happen if one day, his victims had enough? What would happen if Jane did decide to use some of her financial asset and drag Borchardt to court for whatever reason? I think, for this Christmas Borchardt should be thanking baby Jesus or whoever that some of his victims have decided to take the higher road…for now.

One thought on “Taking the Higher Road

  1. MeeeeMeeeeMeeeeee!! Notice Meeeee! Crazeen and Bogart are so jealous if these ladies. They have what the culties will never have….the attention and respect if those who are important enough to matter.

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