Nope, Still not Going to Kill My Dog for You.

“Relatives who choose to put our children at risk this way should be shunned until they have their pit bull euthanized.”- Marc Brown (Alias)


Nope, you can kindly just f@ck right on off…

Kill your dog or be prepared for harassment is the new motto of and Daxton’s Friends. No longer can they attempt to skirt by trying to hide their true agenda after their latest opinion piece in the  It seems as if they have thrown out the “Just s/n them gently into extinction” argument and are now calling for the mass euthanization of all pit bulls, including the one snoring away on our couches.

Yeah, not going to happen. Do these people think that families will pack their dogs into their car and head on over to a PETA killing facility and sign on the dotted line to kill their dogs? Nope, only Beth Clifton, the wife of Merritt Clifton, disgraced editor of Animal 24-7 has done that to secure her relationship with the fraudulent “reporter”.
As disgusting as the article is, I’m glad it was published. Why? Simply because Borchardt of Daxton’s Friends & Colleen Lynn of likes to tell the public that “No one is talking about removing your dog and killing it” and that the very idea is spread by “pit apologists” in an attempt to flood our communities with fear about BSL and that one statement demolishes any lingering doubt of exactly what BSL Advocates want.

Now, I’m sure Borchardt and Lynn will cry that the article was “misunderstood” or “taken out of context” which is what they claim when anyone points out the truth and reality of their movement, but I have this feeling that they won’t be able to talk their way out of this one..

But seriously, f@ck off DBO & Daxton’s Friends- I’m not killing my dog for you and neither will millions of people.

11 thoughts on “Nope, Still not Going to Kill My Dog for You.

  1. Yep, deflect, then redirect….lie, lie, lie. That is what those Nazi Narcissists do!! But they have been caught with their pants down, or should I say, in one person’s case, he boobs out!! Like the song says….”Your lips are moving, your lips are moving, but lie, lie, lie, foamer”….lol

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      1. He will block you …then challenge you to a debate… Then call you a coward…and his little culties will give him the reach around about how afraid of him we are…pitiful…just pitiful.. ahahahahaha.

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  2. Killing my precious Tigger? That would be big OH HELL NO. And since this group is so pious they can collectively kiss may rosy red butt (ass was my first choice, but these people criticize)

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  3. And this is assuming that we give a crap about being “shunned” by idiot relatives that wants our dogs dead. I have more relatives that love her and guess who would be shunned for suggesting we should murder one of our family members on the whim of one mentally ill moron. The foamers are so very outnumbered by people with functioning braincells it is absurd that they still think they can make thinking people into DBO bots. Each thing they come up with is more insane and eventually someone in their family will have them committed for trying to harm their dog.

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