Heart Break

As a parent, our number one job is to protect our child from anything that could possibly ever hurt them. Unfortunately, that isn’t always possible, especially in a age were the internet keeps things circulating over and over.

A grieving Fiancé and father has a tough choice to make. Which will hurt his child the most? The truth or the misconceptions? At the end of the day, when his daughter sits down and googles the death of her mother, what will she faced with?  The broken story that never seems to make any sense to her  or the misconception that her mother found life so heart wrenching and painful that she was unable to face it anymore and sacrificed herself to a brutal death just to end it all?

I have learned now that while those who speak about one’s miseries usually hurt, those who keep silence hurt more.- C.S Lewis

I wish I could give this father some answers and I could sit here and ponder what I would do if I were in his shoes, but I’m not. As a parent, we have to decide what is best for OUR own children and his adorable daughter is not mine, just like mine are not his and it is not my right to make that choice for him.  As his grieving family attempt to avoid the media, they find that they can’t hide from it. They find the hate and the disrespect from people who never knew their family suffocating and their concern has always been, “What will her daughter think when she finds these comments when she gets older?” and it’s a good question. What will she think? Knowing the family that surrounds the little girl, I think the girl will know the truth, or at least the version of the truth that she needs to know and I think that child will be surrounded by so much love and the ever knowing knowledge of just how much her mother loved her.

At the end of the day, it will be up to the father to have that discussion with his daughter, but he knows one thing, through all of the heartbreak and grief, he thinks of who has lost and just how important she was to him and to their daughter.

” I don’t want her to get a bad name. I want her remembered for the good she brought to mine and my daughters life.”


3 thoughts on “Heart Break

    1. A conversation with Jeff Borchardt:

      “Hey Jeff… How are ya? Beautiful day, isn’t it?”
      “Yep.. Look at that sun. You know, the sun was in the sky when pit bulls killed my son. Have I shown you our new meme yet?”
      “Yep. Catch ya later Jeff.”

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