WTF is Wrong with these People?

…. Honest to God, what f@ck is wrong with BSL Advocates? More to the point, WTF is wrong with Lorde/Cindy?


I mean, Lorde (Cindy) needs some serious help and you would think some of her fellow BSL Advocates would perform some kind of intervention. The fact that she googled that and then actually watched it shows that there is something obviously very broken inside of her.

This behavior from her shouldn’t surprise me, it seems as if sits around and googles beastality stories on the internet…


…. I don’t think it’s the majority of pit bull owners that obsess over this disgusting act. I’m pretty sure it’s the person sitting on their ass typing beastality videos in their google search bar.

I think it’s interesting how the public faces of the BSL Advocacy likes to try to turn a blind eye to behavior of their own members. They like to pretend that this behavior doesn’t exist, but we all know the reality. How much would you like to bet that not one single BSL Advocate will step up and call Lorde (Cindy) out on her disgusting behavior?


Some people just need to be banned from Google… Obviously Lorde (Cindy) is a great example of irresponsible googling, maybe we should start a movement for Google Specific Legislation… Either that or turn the filter on her google search engine.

6 thoughts on “WTF is Wrong with these People?

  1. This is so gross, and they are all pos..especially that Lorde/Cindy person. And I saw this on their so call “victims advocate” pages….But, I looovveee that cartoon!

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  2. Gaaaag! I’m not into voyeurism of any type and definitely not *that* type. I need to go scrub my brain a little now though…just the thought of googling that crap made me nauseous.

    (Obviously these people are projecting their own sick desires on people that own a pit bull. You wanna be a perv Lorde have at it….just leave us normal people alone.)

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