Deliberate Homicide

“DETROIT, MI — The Wayne County Medical Examiner on Thursday ruled the death of a 4-year-old boy, killed after being mauled by pit bulls, an “accident” caused by “multiple puncture wounds (Burns, 2015)”.

I can honestly say I am stunned….and angry. We, as a community should be standing up yelling “Hell, the f@ck NO.” We as a community should be demanding that the death of that child should be ruled a homicide and the owner of those dogs should be thrown in jail and charged with AT LEAST 2nd degree murder or involuntary manslaughter w/endangering children, of course I would prefer 1st degree charges.

Xavier Strickland was 4 years old. Xavier was heading to school, probably excited for what was going to go on in his classroom. Xavier Strickland never made it past 15500 Baylis in Detroit.


Reports of those dogs having been running at large, aggressive and previous issues with the neighborhood children and the medical examiner declares the child’s death an accident? Nope. Sorry, that’s wrong. Those dogs hurting or killing someone wasn’t a if but a when. The brutality of the mauling was deadly which is not surprising the victim was a 4 year old child, if the victim had been an adult, he might have stood a chance.

“He appeared irritated with police after learning they’d shot and killed one of his dogs (Burns, 2015)

The owner of the dogs seems irritated? He probably was, considering he probably was a back yard breeder (which explains the pregnant female dog.) and he just lost his profit. None of his dogs were vaccinated, registered or obviously fixed and he just had them contained in a poorly fenced yard. Again, how is anything about this child’s death accidental?

“The dogs were not registered and the owner could produce no proof of rabies vaccination, said Dan Austin, a spokesman for Mayor Mike Duggan’s office. He said the owner will be cited for those violations (Burns,2015)”

What they need to do is take those citations and tear those up and draw up murder charges and as a community we need to demand that. We need to force our justice system to take a tougher stance on negligent dog owners like the owners of these dogs.

For the medical examiner to call this child’s death an accident is insulting. The very definition of accident is:

  1.  An unfortunate incident that happens unexpectedly and unintentionally, typically resulting in damage or injury.
  2.  An event that happens by chance or that is without apparent or deliberate cause.

The owner of these dogs were deliberately negligent. This child’s death wasn’t accident. The harsh reality is, if it wasn’t Xavier, it would have been someone else… How is that not murder?  This is why we as a community of pit bull “type” dogs need to speak up and our voices need to be louder than the BSL Advocates.  We have to demand that law enforcement step back and really look at the cases that involve fatal dog attacks.  Over and over again, with cases like Daxton Borchardt, Levi Watson, Beau Rutledge where there were apparent negligence that resulted in a child being killed are swept under the rug and labeled just a terrible “accident”. Sadly, many law enforcement officers have to take the word of those at the scene, since many times there are no witnesses, much like the case of Daxton Borchardt, Levi Watson and Beau Rutledge and we need to make it stop and if we don’t, our innocent dogs will always have a target on their back.

We, as pit bull/bully breed type dog owners will always be facing discrimination and forced to pay for the crimes of Susan Iwicki, Angela Rutledge and the irresponsible owner of these latest dogs if our voices are not heard. We have to say ENOUGH is ENOUGH and start forcing our Law Enforcement and the Judicial System to do their job and the first step would be changing this child’s autopsy report to murder.

  1. Intent- Leaving the known aggressive dogs intentionally unsecured
  2. Deliberation and Premeditation – Deliberately keeping aggressive dogs and knowingly breeding known aggressive dogs.
  3. “Malice Aforethought”- More irritated that the police shot his dogs than the fact that his dogs just killed a child.
I don’t know about you…. but sounds like it fits a homicide charge.


5 thoughts on “Deliberate Homicide

  1. Amen. This is no different that drinking and driving. If your actions (or inactions) cause the death of someone, you are responsible. And by NOT holding this owner responsible, they are throwing a bad light on all of our dogs.

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  2. They always say us owners try to downplay these cases. As I said on Facebook I’m heartbroken for his mother. I DON’T sides weep these stories. Why? BC THOSE dogs are not MY dogs. I take my dogs out on leash bc our fence needs to be redone. My dogs jingle bc they have so many tags. My dogs each have a little teal line on their belly bc theyve been altered. Most important: my dogs LOVE children. MY dogs are not a wild pack of animals like those animals. They don’t live outside. They don’t fight for or miss meals. I hate these stories bc it gives ANOTHER bad representation of the breed. But just as I wouldn’t compare my dogs to a pack of wolves, I wouldn’t compare them to these dogs. I’m sad for those dogs. They never knew what it was to be a loved spoiled family member. These dogs trusted NO ONE. It’s sad all the way around.

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  3. But it is so much easier to blame the dogs, kill them, ease the public’s “Pit Bull paranoia” and move on. It’s so much easier to say that “Pit Bulls Kill 4 Year Old”…show a scary stock photo and that’s it. No one wants to hear the truth that it is human negligence or irresponsibility. That would mean that every dog owner regardless of breed would finally have to take a damn good hard look at themselves to check and see if they are failing their dog in some form or another. Plus human accountability would also go against every single thing the “victims advocates” live and breath.

    We live in a culture fed by mass hysteria…remember how we were all going to die from Ebola? Y2K was going to ruin everything…and of course the Mayan calendar that said the world is going to end. No one wants to be sensible, especially when it comes to human accountability. Nothing is ever going to change in this world until we all learn to realize we are the flawed ones.

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