A Plea to Malinois Breeders

Dear Malinois breeders,

It has come to my attention from those helpful BSL Advocates, that you guys are trying to pull a fast one on the unsuspecting public.



See that puppy? BSL Advocates are gosh darn sick and tired of you guys trying to pass your dogs off as pure bred Malinois. Those smart BSL advocates have caught onto your game and know for a fact that you guys are actually producing PIT BULLS.


How do they know this? Well, super duper breed identifying specialist trained by Dogsbite.org have analyzed a youtube video.




Come on breeders, no other breed has that capability to grip and shake with such tenacity other than the blasted pit bull breed. I mean, they don’t really look like pit bulls, BUT we know you guys have been infected with the pit bull nuttiness and just want to ruin every dog breed out there, I mean… it has to be true… BSL advocates have read it on Wikipedia.


Totally makes sense, especially considering that darn Obama does not support BSL. It makes absolute sense why he would support secretly mixing the dogs that Secret Service uses with pit bulls and that the breeders who probably are known for producing some of the best working Malinois dogs are in cahoots with the well funded pit bull lobby.


Same with the blasted police. Maybe they should talk to Ivan Balabanov, owner of the Ot Vitosha Belgian Malinois line. Maybe he’ll crack and spill the secret pit bull/Malinois breeding plot?

But seriously folks, no one other than BSL adovcates believe those dogs are pit bulls or pit bull mixes. For the love of God, someone needs to help those morons.