Oneida County, NY – A family pit bull attacked and killed an 11-month old boy in the town of Marshall last night, according to the Oneida County Sheriff’s Office. The dog, a 2-year old pit bull named “Diesel,” was with the baby and three other children in the home when the family pit bull suddenly attacked the boy. Responding deputies found 32-year old Lisa Cittadino trying to give the child first aid. Cittadino said she struggled to pull the family pet off the baby then called 911.”

It seems as if the selective victim advocacy is launching their own personal attacks against this grieving family. Why? All because the family claims the attacking dog was not a pit bull.


(Lisa Marie Cittadino, mother of the victim.)

This isn’t the first time Borchardt and Lynn have turned their backs on victims that refuse to jump on their band wagon of hate and been perfectly fine with mocking the grieving family.


According to Pame, close friend with Borchardt- the grieving parents of the victim deserve having their 11 month old baby killed. Don’t forget, Pame is a victims advocate.


According to the disgraced ex columnist Lori, the grieving mother seems to be a nutter herself… This is the same woman who started a pit bull victims advocacy campaign.


“So sorry for your loss, but…..” That phrase alone should sound awfully familiar to certain BSL advocates… In fact, I’m pretty sure Borchardt has written a few blogs offended that anyone would dare tell him that.


Right, because it’s normal for a victims advocacy group to just run out of sympathy for victims. Let’s get real, people like Borchardt are not fighting for victims. It isn’t about supporting the victims emotionally, assisting financially or assisting with supportive services to help the victims or victims family. Come to think of it, I don’t think Daxton’s Friends, Pit bull victims advocacy or offers any supportive services whatsoever, well… other than access to Facebook groups filled with mentally unstable people.


I honestly hope the family never ever reads these screen shots. I hope that they heal and get the emotional support they need to somehow heal from this horrible tragedy.

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