Burning Questions

According to Johnna Harvard, on June 25th, the family trailer was burnt to the ground due to her vocal BSL support and anti pit bull stance.



Somehow, Johnna felt that complete strangers decided to target her… Deep down in her heart she believes that the pit bull advocacy somehow orchestrated this horrible and criminal act.

The truth is far more horrible, the awesome blog Foolish Follies first introduced this eye opening story.  The real person behind burning their family home to the ground wasn’t a faceless stranger but the father of John Harvard and the husband of Johnna Harvard, Jeremy Harvard.



In fact, Johnna has known since September who burned their home down their home and collected the 70k+ insurance money and has not yet lifted one finger to report this, nor have they changed their active gofundme were they attempt to blame the pit bull advocacy.


Not only has she not reported the criminal act of arson done by her now ex-husband, but somehow she has allowed the father, the very same man who set their home on fire to gain primary custody of her remaining children.



I can’t help but wonder what really happened the day John Harvard died. Was there a life insurance policy on the young child? Did the family receive any life insurance benefits? If Jeremy Harvard is fully capable of burning their family home down for a massive insurance payment and Johnna is completely capable of not coming forward with the truth to the authorities….


Jeremy Harvard filed for bankruptcy in 2011.  Either way, there are a lot of unanswered questions that should be answered.

4 thoughts on “Burning Questions

  1. Oh my freaking god!! So this is why they totally condoned the KFC fiasco, and kept saying it was true! Now it is so plain to see what lying, backstabbing idiots they really are. And they are all out for money, plain and simple. Like I have always said, they continually deflect, and then redirect away from their guilt, that they do not want to face at all. I just hope the two family members of mine, actually see the people they are involved with. This is why I never believed them to begin with.


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