Burning Questions

According to Johnna Harvard, on June 25th, the family trailer was burnt to the ground due to her vocal BSL support and anti pit bull stance.



Somehow, Johnna felt that complete strangers decided to target her… Deep down in her heart she believes that the pit bull advocacy somehow orchestrated this horrible and criminal act.

The truth is far more horrible, the awesome blog Foolish Follies first introduced this eye opening story.  The real person behind burning their family home to the ground wasn’t a faceless stranger but the father of John Harvard and the husband of Johnna Harvard, Jeremy Harvard.



In fact, Johnna has known since September who burned their home down their home and collected the 70k+ insurance money and has not yet lifted one finger to report this, nor have they changed their active gofundme were they attempt to blame the pit bull advocacy.


Not only has she not reported the criminal act of arson done by her now ex-husband, but somehow she has allowed the father, the very same man who set their home on fire to gain primary custody of her remaining children.



I can’t help but wonder what really happened the day John Harvard died. Was there a life insurance policy on the young child? Did the family receive any life insurance benefits? If Jeremy Harvard is fully capable of burning their family home down for a massive insurance payment and Johnna is completely capable of not coming forward with the truth to the authorities….


Jeremy Harvard filed for bankruptcy in 2011.  Either way, there are a lot of unanswered questions that should be answered.

9 thoughts on “Burning Questions

  1. Oh my freaking god!! So this is why they totally condoned the KFC fiasco, and kept saying it was true! Now it is so plain to see what lying, backstabbing idiots they really are. And they are all out for money, plain and simple. Like I have always said, they continually deflect, and then redirect away from their guilt, that they do not want to face at all. I just hope the two family members of mine, actually see the people they are involved with. This is why I never believed them to begin with.


  2. I have proof she is not involved in any of the arson’s her EX husband has caused first of all you are all wrong about all that you are posting I am here to let you know the TRUTH your wanting to know
    I have never understood the politics’s of townships and Dirty people till I lived in Pell city Alabama as well as a few towns near there the county is St Clair corrupt county, Police Detective’s, courts and Child services dept. all have been siding with a man who has been a criminal, sex offender, arsonist,viewing porn at work on City computers,Theft of city property for financial gain insurance fraud and believe it was all reported to proper agency’s and NO Charges ever against him !!! Even the parent’s of a minor child was told there is nothing they can do to protect there daughter and was unable to file any charges even going to the DA?? she was unable to be brought into court or submit to a rape kit???
    This man worked for the city driving in the community ?? ,He has taken children from there mother, theft of property from family, work and city department’s scraped items of value stripping vacant homes of repo’s stealing copper for money burning 3 homes to the ground !!, With many years of submitting report’s proof on tapes, CD’s, Picture’s, phone calls , and witness this man has been excused by this county and it’s law enforcement’s able to walk away with out any charges ??? By the way it’s not against the law to accidentally burn your home down to the ground and collect the insurance money ! So for many many Years of proof!! All this went investigated but always dropped and looked the other way This is the worst place to live in the US .
    I have spoke to the police , detective’s given documentation with undue assistance , My daughter was weak to his manipulations left her home to return losing all she had from Arson, Then her children to her Ex husband he has this magic way of getting all he want’s with the city, and with her!!
    I tried for year’s to help and no one in the county who you can trust DHS was right there defending him even with Children that are not his but they gave him custody ?? His Attorney has family who worked at the DHS office , He also gained a great deal of money from the Death insurance of John since the parent’s were divorced So it’s not the Mother Gaining financially from insurance or John’s death the father and his Attorney received most of it, then the Home arson was money to the father Johhna had no name on the hone since her first home her grandmother helped her buy and was burned to the ground she got Nothing from that home it all went to his pocket !! and his family’s during all insurance money as well as DHS money paid to his family while all the custody was happening Johhna agreed for his family to keep her kids out of the foster care program , She took her children to a shelter when they seen who the father was they made all ways to get her out of the shelter I stayed to help and they backed down until the day I left they kicked her out taking her children he again gained the children and got custody Johnna returned to Ca with family she had no way to get her kids with this corrupt system. She was in Ca the day her son called her to ask her to come get her as she had his older sister with her after the father agreed for her to see her mother !!!
    Until John’s death it all became clear all people from this town don’t care about this mother or her children they took her down and keep her there!!!
    Even upon John’s death I too tried to get answer’s and got one response witch i will post my letter and response for you all to see what has been happening to John’s mother Johnna and it’s been Hell for her since this death of John!! And all of are Family !!!


    I am the grandmother of John Harvard I have been watching all media on all
    that has happened let me say I have heard so many stories but the important
    one’s are what Bradley has told .

    He says he was at a friends house and John had come to get him passing by
    the neighbors home about and hour before the attack, John was roaming the
    neighborhood for about and hour after he got back with his dad he had played
    outside got muddy changed his clothes and returned outside John was alone
    all this time he had been to the neighbors on the other side to the right
    side from his house Ms. Kay’s home asking to play with his friend who was

    John started back home to his yard where the dog had attacked him near the
    front porch and then drug him 20 feet towards the dog’s home..Bradley and
    John were not playing with the dog together!

    Bradley say’s he came down the yard towards his home on his bike when he saw
    what looked like a dog shaking a redheaded rag doll then as he got closer he
    could hear John screaming and crying he yelled at the dog kicked at the dog
    to get him off John, the dog looked up at Bradley and glowed at him and went
    back to eating John’s face he said, Bradley ran into the house yelling for
    his dad who was in the back bedroom in bed Bradley said he kicked the
    bedroom door open yelling John’s being killed! .

    Bradley also said the dog had tried to bite John a few days before as they
    were getting into the truck waiting on there dad , Bradley told his dad
    Jeremy the dog tried to bite John’s leg! Jeremy the father didn’t address
    this with the owner? When I spoke to Jeremy he Siad “I thought it was there
    white dog” “so he didn’t do anything?”

    The relative of Ms. Kay’s said that a few days before John was killed the
    Pit Bull was out a few days prior and was growing at him and was coming
    towards him , He was told by the owner of the dog “to stand still don’t
    move” and the owner called the dog back to him. This woman Mrs. Kay’s she
    had spoke at the city’s first meeting after John died , she has refused to
    allow anyone to speak to this person? Her relative? Son?

    I hope that this help’s you to see that this dog was out before, No one
    called about the dog, I was also told that the 911 call was by the dog owner
    saying Jeremy shot John , but after John was taken to the hospital quickly
    the dog owners brought the dog in Cleaned John’s blood off their dog ! took
    care of the wounds from the gun shot’s to the dog ? Why? Since John’s death
    there have been several dog showing up near the home where John was killed
    the police and Pell City animal shelter has refused to respond?

    The news was contacted several times about the stories’s told and they
    refused to fix the information? Or even speak to the Mother of John with out
    Jeremy as they are divorced and she was in California when John was killed!
    She spoke to John that morning saying he want’s her to come get him.

    These parents have had a long time issues with DHS and I know and have proof
    when Jemery worked for the city he was not an upstanding employee but has
    always been excepted by this town he was stealing from the city of Pell
    city, and Riverside I had so many video’s and pictures of the theft and
    destruction of city property (computers containing pron) that was given to
    the police

    but because he had so many people backing him in your town my daughter was
    singled out to be the bad parent and worse Bradley was aware of this too!
    Going to scrap yards, burning evidence in his back yard with the dad .

    I have been so worried about Bradley as has been through so much , from DHS,
    foster care ,to his father’s family, to the shelter, taken from his mom!
    Because the fear and weakness of his mother to fight for her kids, these
    kids are hurting and now this it’s unreal the death of John and his brother
    having to see the attack couldn’t stop it and ride in the car watching John
    dyeing on his dads lap and at the hospital seeing him code and be shocked it
    is unbearable how his life will end up! This is a out reach for other
    children, elderly and all citizens to be protected by at least a leash law
    in your town. I have been contacted by so many people all over the US people
    who love these dog’s to people who hate these dog’s there are so many
    everywhere that are raising them to still fight, buffing them with creatine
    to build the body masses and yes some people are feeding them gun powder? I
    don’t know why? I do know that there are several Pit Bull’s/ pit bull mixes
    that are killing mostly the people that raise I do know that there are
    several Pit Bull’s/ pit bull mixes that are killing mostly the people that
    raise them? Them? As well as other breeds that are killing people,

    My concern is the Pit Bull has the ability to lock there jaws, to go for the
    ultimate kill and don’t stop till there prey is dead this is my concern I
    don’t want anyone else to suffer the tragic loss that we have endured by a
    dog attack,

    If a crib kills due to malfunctions and child’s car seat fails in a car
    wreck and kill’s a child they recall them, so a dog that kills? Some are
    still living, some get caged for life, only a few get the recall and get put
    down and I am glad this dog was put to sleep to save even the children and
    grandchildren of this owner,

    My other question is this dog came from a litter of at least 9-13 puppies
    are the other puppies from this litter vicious killers? And the parents of
    the dog? Are they too reproducing more puppies? Where are the other puppies
    from this litter? I seen the same age Pit Bull’s on craig list in Pell city,
    and areas near your town for sale? I said what I wanted to say I hope that
    you at least think about implementing a leash law maybe it would of saved
    John Harvard and it wasn’t in place so he’s dead, but it might save others?

    Sincerely Yours, Teri Johnson Ms. Johnson,

    First and foremost, I am so sorry for your loss. I cannot begin to even
    image what your Family is going through.
    Your Family is in our prayers, especially for John’s brother who witnessed
    this tragedy.

    Since the first news report, I have been skeptical of how accurate the facts
    At first it was reported that John played with this dog on a daily basis.
    Now Jeremy is saying that he never knew the dog existed, that the owner must
    had been hiding the dog.
    They reported that this happened in Kenny Womack’s district 5.
    I visited the location of the tragedy and it is in my district not Kenny’s.
    Only a small technical fact, but inaccurate reporting, by the media.

    When I inquired about the resignation of Jeremy from our city Water
    Department, I was not given details.
    I was informed that he was given the choice to resign or be fired and if he
    was fired, other government agencies might become involved.
    We have had a few scandals in the past with our Water Department employees,
    and we did not need media attention again.

    Here are some facts, that I am sure of…
    The Riverside police has been called to Jeremy’s residence since John’s
    death. (Domestic dispute)
    Animal Control Officer had to set traps to try and catch a dog, that was a
    nuisance to the neighborhood, that we later found belonged to Jeremy.
    He had apparently moved away & abandoned his own dog after John’s death.
    The Animal Shelter of Pell City Inc (ASPCI) is only a is only a company that
    contracts with St Clair County and other local municipalities, to manage
    impounded animals that either an Animal Control Officer (ACO) has brought to
    them or an animal that a citizen has surrendered to them.
    ASPCI does not pickup animals, they are only manage the facility where
    impounded animals are taken.

    Now, to what the City Council & Mayor is doing.
    I have been busy researching dog ordinances from all over the country.
    I have been putting together an ordinance of not only a leash law, but a law
    that will allow us to identify a dangerous dog, before it bites, injures, or
    This is not an easy process. We must identify the known consequences and
    attempt to identify unknown consequences as well as any loopholes that
    someone may discover after the law is passed.
    I submitted a draft version of such a leash law to the City Council and
    Mayor at last Tuesdays meeting.
    The Mayor is working on his own version also.

    The local newspaper,(the Daily Home) has filed charges against us, claiming
    we violated the Open Meetings Act by having private discussion between each
    other without having a quorum at a public meeting when we were hiring our
    new City Clerk.
    So now, we can only discuss things with each other when there are 4 of us
    present and in a public meeting.
    The newspaper has slowed down our ability to get things done.

    We have a scheduled work session Tuesday night. This is our next chance to
    work on this leash law.

    As for your last question, I do not have an answer.
    My research has given me quite an education on dog attacks.
    I want to assure you that this leash law/ dangerous dog ordinance is our TOP
    priority .

    I appreciate your taking the time to contact me.
    I wish we could get the news to tell the REAL version with accurate facts.

    You family is on our prayers,
    Riverside City Council
    District 3.

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