Will the real Kim S. please stand up?


Who is the real Kim S.? I guess that depends on who you ask…. BUT if you ask BSL advocates, Kim S. is this mythical omnipresent “nutress” with shape shifting skills and black ops covert skills. Kim S. has the supernatural ability granted from the pit bull demon dogs from hell to leap through time and space and create such mayhem that ruins the well meaning mass euthanization of all pit bull type dogs.

According to legend, Kim S. was hatched from an egg from the mystical pure bred purpose bred mutant land shark. Gifted/cursed with powers granted by the AFF, Kim S. has the ability to telekinetically force BSL advocates to write some of the most ignorant, hateful and violence filled posts as they sit innocently behind their computers. Kim S. the extreme “Nutress” resides in Phoenix, somewhere in California, New York, South Carolina, New Mexico, Alaska, Washington, New Jersey, Oregon, Colorado, Philadelphia, Maine, Texas, Arkansas, Wisconsin, Minnesota and about 20 other states ALL at the SAME TIME….elsieYes, Kim S. with her super “nutress” powers….


Could Jennifer Sue Scott be Kim S. too?!!!


Sweet Jesus….


Is there no limit to the morphing demon hell hound powers of this Kim S.?!!


…. This might be a bit of a crazy idea, but maybe, just maybe…. Good ‘ole Elsie has pissed just enough people off with her craziness that her own buddies have been sending screen shots all around and it just happened to fall into someone’s lap? It’s not like they have to remember who has all the fake profiles, right?


For the love of twinkies… WILL THE REAL KIM S. PLEASE STAND UP?!

7 thoughts on “Will the real Kim S. please stand up?

  1. Bbbaaahhhhaaaahhhaaahhhaaaa…..This is sooooo classic!! Like I have said before, they hate pit bulls, because they are the ones who make these dogs out to be, exactly what they hate the most about themselves!

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