One of the biggest responsibilities of being a pet owner is to keep our pets safe, to not put them in situations were they can get hurt, to make sure that they are legally safe in their environment. I think that’s why this story angers and frustrates me just so much.


“The couple owns two pit bulls which are illegal in Prince George’s County. The county has had a ban on pit bulls for 18 years, which means Winnie and Emily are prisoners in their own home.”

Not only does this couple knowingly own a breed of dog that is banned but they are also going public with it. It’s not like it was a new ban, or that they just had no idea, for FFS- the ban in Prince George County has been in place for 18 f@cking years. Not 18 minutes, not 18 days, not 18 months but 18 years.

Now that this couple has made it very public that they are hiding their illegal dog what is going to happen if their dog is confiscated? I can tell you what will happen, while they cry and rage via the media, their innocent dog will be sitting in a small kennel, cold, confused and scared while it awaits euthanization. Not because that poor dog did anything wrong but because it’s owners are a bunch of selfish pieces of shit.

Breed bans and /BSL is wrong, but what is even worse is flaunting the fact that you are illegally keeping your dog.

“We choose to take the risk and bring them here, “Julia said.

Why? I don’t get it. Why would you knowingly risk it? Is it easier because it’s not the owners paying the ultimate price? It’s not like it will be the owners that will be euthanized. It’s almost as if they feel that their family pet is expendable. 

” “We have to say don’t move here . Move to Montgomery, move to Crofton, move to the District. You don’t want to live in Prince George’s because they will take your dog,” said Sandra Harmorsky with the Maryland Dog Federation.

This couple is slapping everyone who is fighting to keep their dogs safe in the face. It’s a slap in the face to people who hustle and bustle to save these dogs from death from these cities with bans. Will this media whoring couple expect rescues to drop what they are doing to rush and save their dog from the needle because they publicly waved their illegal dog in the face of authorities?

Their dog deserves far better than those two as owners and as an a advocacy we need to tell them that. What they are doing isn’t heart warming, it isn’t cute, it isn’t going to save anything or change minds. If anything, their very public action damages what millions of people are trying to change. Their selfish destructive actions feed the “pit bull owners irresponsible” and “pit bull owners are criminals” propaganda and don’t think for one minute that the hateful fear mongering morons over in BSL happy land are not frothing over this story, because they joyfully are.


( Image taken from PRO BSL page created by Mia Johnson of BC Columbia and Lori Welbourne of Kelowana, BC Columbia)

If their dog is confiscated and euthanized because of this, I seriously hope they are thrown in jail. They knowingly set their dog up for failure. They knowingly and willfully set that dog up to die if they some how don’t stay anonymous and in this day and age, keeping anonymous is not a easy thing to do.

One thought on “Conflicted

  1. It’s people like this, who make it harder on the rest of us. I have neighbors that have no fence, they have 2 dogs that get out frequently. One is a mange infested pit.

    I have to scour the street BEFORE I take my leashed, vaccinated, registered dogs out for a walk. My dogs will protect me from a threat. So God forbid, those dogs get out while my dogs are out. I have to be responsible for not only my dogs, but the irresponsible neighbors dogs.

    While I’m sucking up all this responsibility, these two flagrantly juggle the lives of 2 perfectly innocent dogs. Thanks for nothing jackwads.

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