Own It


Let me guess, Borchardt, founder of Daxton’s Friends and self proclaimed “victims advocate” will somehow cry that this comment that he typed was somehow misconstrued. That somehow, he is just misunderstood. He really doesn’t mean that individuals with down syndrome are fugly” …he just means pit bull puppies are fugly because they look like they have down syndrome.

Now, I know this post will ruffle some undies over in the land of BSL advocates and you know what? I’m glad! Why? Because they spew some of the worst, racist, sexist, unethical, derogatory, prejudice things ever known to man…. in private with the hopes that no one will ever be able to see their disgusting behavior but guess what? People will see it and they will know what disgusting POS you really are.

You’re Welcome.

10 thoughts on “Own It

  1. So…how is he going to try and squirm out of this one. What was it said regarding the peanut butter comment. He saw someone else saying those things on another page and he was just repeating it.

    Hmmmm…this should really piss off some other members of his group who actually have children with special needs. I mean logically you would think it would. Because that is just plain mean, disrespectful, lacking in any kind of compassion or empathy.

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  2. It’s either Down’s Syndrome or Down Syndrome, depending on which country you’re in. He can’t even get his disgusting hate speech right.

    Grammar aside, that comment is a new low for the DJ. Colour me impressed.

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  3. Wuht Woah,
    I have said before they have teetered me on the edge. Consider me pushed. Put your waders on you old pervert….

    Excuse me for a moment while I decide just HOW MANY of the special needs groups I’m part of, (including one I admin) that I’m going to share this with.

    Unfortunately for him, my grandson (that has a very rare genetic syndrome) became fairly well known in our little corner of the country. Granted it may be small in square miles, but very densely populated. Roughly 12.9 million people, give or take since the story was shared across the country.

    Everyone is entitled to have different opinions, but never at the cost of insulting kids with special needs.

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