Just let that comment sink in for a moment. How is a dog attack comparable to rape?

According to Daxton’s Friends founder Jeff Borchardt and Dogsbite.org- there is no reason why a dog would bite, so I suppose that comment makes sense. Even though statistics and verifiable studies show that you can not prevent  rape (which happens every 107 seconds) but you can prevent dog attacks…. but we know BSL advocates are not about preventing dog attacks.

There is an average of 293,000 sexual assault victims a year and somehow those idiots think rape is comparable to dog attacks? These are the same people who compare pit bulls to the notorious Ted Bundy… You know, that guy who raped and murdered at least 30 women in 7 states (even though his lawyer claims he killed over 100 people..).

Unfortunately (for BSL Advocates), Dog attacks are never one sided and unlike rape, dog attacks can be prevented by education by experts. You can prevent setting your dog and your family up for failure and pain by practicing responsible ownership and parenting.

Get a grip Borchardt, will you be responsible if your new victim is assaulted by your new call for harassment? You know, the woman who had no idea what a predator you are when she called and left a message disagreeing about your billboards of hate?


That woman. You are telling your group of unstable quacks to go ahead and ring her up… Which they have zero problem doing.


It’s not like you can find out were they live by a phone number, right? Oh wait… You can, but who am I kidding? It will be a cold day in hell before any one in your advocacy of hate takes responsibility for your actions.

I can see it now.. “So sorry that as a result of us sharing your private info you were harmed in any way buuuuttttt…..”

7 thoughts on “Uh….

  1. Lord knows Bogart would never confront her himself, being the coward he is. Color me shocked Bogart is stalking yet another woman who dares disagree with him.
    Following Bogart’s usual stupid logic, since most rapists are men, let’s euthanize all men and end rape. No wonder PETA did not give him props in their latest failed campaign. Even they are embarrassed by him.

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  2. Honestly, where the eff does he get off…oh ya, that’s right, accept NO responsibility for leaving your child with a druggie babysitter, and blame everyone else, for being responsible for what happened to your child! Needless to say, I have a couple of family members who constantly stick up for this sick person, and indeed think it is A ok, to harass others, this way. And the only reason my family members hate me, is all because I did not agree with them on the subject of MY dog…which NEITHER one has ever met!! And I will not stop shouting it everywhere, what they are like..pathetic.

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  3. Funny, that harpy Barbara Kay actually DOES blame rape victims, and yet that seem completely a – ok with them. I guess that is how group think works. As long as you support rounding up and killing family pets, any and all other behavior can be supported.


  4. Organization of expert rapists???? Seriously?? Does he not actually think about what he is saying before he sets his fingers on the keyboard. These things are not even remotely comparable! IDIOT! Can I just go smack the ever-loving crap out of him now??
    And the Ted Bundy comparison is always gonna piss me off. I know 2 people personally affected by him. My ex-husband’s college friend was killed by Bundy and a former co-worker was in the sorority house in Florida where he killed 3 or 4 right before he was caught.
    And this billboard you have the screenshot of. Its kind of bugging me also because the statement is made for such dramatic effect. Ms. Halloran’s mother was only 65. 65 is not freaking elderly….this billborad makes it sound like some frail little old lady. 85 is elderly NOT 65.


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