Walking Talking Contradictions

We get it- you blame everyone. You blame AFF, BF, BAD RAP, CDC, NBC, CBS, FOX, CW, Billy, Bob, Joe, Sally, Sue, Santa, the Easter Bunny, some random people at Starbucks, the grocery store clerk, a couple of doctors, some nurses, a handful of trashmen, a few rock stars, a gaggle of bloggers, Facebook, a Leprechaun and pretty much everyone except…. one single person for the death of your child. Yourself.



What role do you accept? Responsibility? Somehow, that’s not how your whole tirade reads. I see blaming some unsocialized dogs taken from their mom at 4 weeks old. I see a whole lot of blaming millions of responsible dog owners. You had a healthy hesitation of the “breed” yet you got TWO of them from the same litter?

It’s interesting you write “everything you could do you did“… Which was what? You definitely didn’t respect the parents enough to not take their only son near dogs they told you to keep away from their child. You were so bent on protecting him that you dropped the child and somehow escaped with zero injuries while the child was left in the snow, naked and alone while you somehow managed to get one dog contained and to call 911. According to you, that poor child was in a 15 minute dog attack and you….walked away with absolutely not one single serious injury minus a few little scrapes. No defensive wounds… No bite marks on your hands, arms, or legs anywhere from trying to stop the dogs from biting the child…

I would have a heavy heart too if I didn’t do everything in my power to protect a child I loved. You deserve those nightmares, you deserve those anxiety attacks. You literally got away with murder.


Those dogs didn’t betray that child, they are animals. You betrayed that child. At the end of the day, if you would have respected the parents of that child, that child would still be alive. When push comes to shove, you chose your life over that child’s.

If you were honest and you truly grieved for that child, that sign would say something completely different….


You had that choice to protect Dax… and we all know what you chose.

5 thoughts on “Walking Talking Contradictions

  1. Surely, a responsible and sane parent so concerned about the babysitter’s dogs that they had to direct the babysitter to keep her dogs away from their child should just provide the duty of care owed to that child to simply find another baby sitter. Surely.


  2. I’m surprised they let Iwicki back in the property after dead beat Susie and her dead beat husband were evicted off the property for not paying rent for a year.


  3. Funny how they all call for the heads of owners who’s dogs attack people, yet somehow sidechick suzie here gets a pass, wonder why?

    I am a firm believer that owners should (with very few exceptions) be held liable if their dogs injure or kill another person or animal – especially if that occurs due to the gross negligence of the owner. She should have been held criminally or at the very least civilly liable for this child’s death. In this case not only is she the owner but she had been told by the father to not allow Dax around the dogs. She is ultimately responsible for that poor child’s death. NO ONE ELSE. To try to blame millions of other dogs and their owners is pathetic and the anti pit bull crowd are massive hypocrites for not demanding the same of her that the do for other owners of dogs who maim and kill due to the negligence of their owners.

    I guess being a sidechick has its privileges…


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