Dear Scrappy,

I’m pretty sure you don’t remember, but you started life in a real crappy place, but I remember when I first saw you. Getting a new dog wasn’t on my list and I wasn’t even prepared for when I first saw you.

Covered in dog poop, trembling and I’m pretty sure at one point you peed on me but I knew, deep down you were going to be part of our family.


Begrudgingly Gustavo accepted you, the kid adored you and the hubby knew you weren’t going anywhere, you had found your forever home.


I won’t lie, you were not the easiest puppy. You destroyed 2 pillows, chewed a couch cushion up, dug a hole in a mattress (with some help from Gustavo),  chewed a few phone cords, a couple of shoes, a remote and countless puppy toys…


But every night, you curled right by my legs, rested your head on my knee and fell asleep.  You knew you belonged here.

I watched you grow every day, you learned how to sit and use the doggy door. You played with the kid, fetched the balls, watched her dance, listened to her sing and became her best friend.


Oh, Scrappy McScrapster. I know there are people out there that will judge you based off how you look. They will assume that you will do horrible things and they don’t even know you… But I know you.


I know that you sit at the window and wait for the kid to come home. I know that you protect the other kid from roaming dinosaurs, because you are just that awesome.

You were here when the new addition came, those sleepless nights, the rattles, the bouncers and the infamous walker. You watched Frozen on repeat, became a honorary member of paw patrol and joined tea parties.


You are not just a good dog, but you are a freaking awesome dog and you are not alone. Sure, there are those morons that will slobber and screen cap your image, call you horrible names in their hate groups but I know you and to be honest… You don’t care.


Why? ‘Cuz you, Mr. Scrappy McScrapster, the Amazing Bat dog are just that awesome.

Thank you for just being you.


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