2000 and Counting…

How would you feel knowing you’ve pissed off over 2000+ people? I would imagine a normal person wouldn’t feel that great, nor would they want to brag about it, right?  I mean, what kind of person pisses that many people off on a social media setting like Facebook?!


Well…..  Somehow I’m not surprised. What I am surprised about is the dedication that man gives to obsessing over “stupid people”.   I kid you not, this is only PART of his block list, I honestly was going cross eyed trying to keep up with his every growing list….

jeffs block party

That’s not even 1/3 of his infamous growing list of people that he has blocked because they have disagreed with him. Although, the crazy part is, he literally stalked everyone of those person’s Facebook pages and linked them to each and every name. Then, he created a blog post to share with his stalking hate mongers SO they could stalk them, pillage their Facebook pictures of their families, send them nasty messages and THEN block them like some cowards. Over 2000+ people…. Who has that much time on their hands to stalk over 2000+ people on Facebook allllll because they are pit bull owners and non pit bull owners who have dared to disagree with him?

By no means am I a Psychiatrist, but I dare say that their is something unhealthy about this behavior.  Since people always say that past behavior is a good indicator of future behavior, it’s safe to say that if you have had the fortunate pleasure of pissing that man off, you probably will be added to his list… and for good measures, he’ll probably add you to it a few times, just in case he somehow forgot to add you the first time, or second time….

8 thoughts on “2000 and Counting…

  1. Woohoooo….I made the list!!! Haha, this is so funny. I hope he keeps blocking people. Pretty soon, not even his own cult will listen to him….besides, I think CL is really ready to dump his ass.

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  2. Hell, one reporter called his bluff and offered to interview him. Last I heard, Jeff hasn’t accepted the offer. Instead he and his underlings are just spamming the news station’s Facebook page. Ahh the era of the keyboard activist….With the amount of free time he seems to have, it would seem that being a DJ doesn’t pay all that well. His poor wife must be stuck supporting his ass. Don’t bother looking for a job, when you can have tirades on random Facebook pages.

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