Totally Missed the Point

Right now, DBO members are just frothing mad. I mean, the epic temper tantrum by BSL Advocates is the fit heard over the internet…

But, as they flop about crying over the fact that their newest media failure has blown up in their face, they start showing just how incredibly ignorant they are.
…. According to Borchardt (Who is the creator and admin of that page.), the comment by Helga is a smart comment. Basically she’s letting the public know, “It’s fine if you are a irresponsible dog owner, as long as it’s not with a big ‘ole dangerous dog.”

Isn’t the whole point of promoting owner education is to not have irresponsible dog owners or is it fine if you are a irresponsible owner if you own labs, poodles, dalmatians or 400 other breeds?

I mean, they can’t even get their images for their memes sorted out. Julie Wall, the Break Stick Queen along with Borchardt and their fellow bumbling failures continously keep posting this image….
In an attempt to mislead the public by forgetting to mention the dogs in that image are dead because of the Denver Ban, Break Stick Queen Julie gets called out on her inaccuracy…
Maybe if she stopped googling break sticks she could have actually verified the image, but BSL Advocates don’t care if the information they attempt to pass off as accurate.


And they will continue to knowingly spread false information…


What kind of advocacy knowingly presents information with an attempt to mislead the public with inaccurate information? An advocacy that is crashing, that’s who. The BSL advocacy is losing steam. The public is loudly telling PETA, and Daxton’s Friends to stop with the fear and hate mongering and they are getting scared.

BSL Advocates complain that they are being censored, bullied, picked on, harassed and victimized yet it’s those people that want people like you and I to shut up. They want us to blindly allow them to run us over with their grief and guilt and make the public and our pets pay the price for their tragedy. They will victimize our families in a attempt to make us stop.


(Courtesy of the Pit Bull Identification Breed page created by Jeff Borchardt)

They have made it clear, this fight isn’t about preventing anything. This fight isn’t about pushing for responsible ownership for them, this fight isn’t about preventing dog attacks, it’s about the extinction of multiple breeds. The majority is speaking loud and clear PETA, and Daxton’s Friends…. and from your online cry feasts, I’m guessing you are hearing them loud and clear and you are not liking what you are hearing and we are not shutting up anytime soon.

8 thoughts on “Totally Missed the Point

  1. Funny thing about Breaksticks, after Sera pointed out her “mistake”, instead of removing the meme or admitting her mistake, it seems she just blocked Sera. Childish and an yet another example of why nothing these mental midgets post should be taken at face value. If facts are actually on your side, you dont have to lie, embellish, mislead, ect.

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    1. That’s typical. I had Sara May block me after 3 comments because I countered her statement the we let dog fighters hide in plain sight. Her last comment was, “well I see backyard breeding is legal so.they are.getting their dogs from somewhere”. So me having a dog that isn’t breeding causes backyard breeders to sell their puppies to dog fighters. Yea, sure….what a delusional bunch they are.

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  2. I told Julie the true source of her misleading photo. Told her who took the photo, and to back source the photo on Google. Of course she could not find anything. So, she blocked me. Lol! Coward just like Bogart.


  3. Right on the money! That is like that Anthony Michael Ridge, who posted a picture in the Dangerous Dogs group, of his gun, that was in a holster/belt that he had on. I googled the picture, and low and behold, the actual picture is of a guy named, Hank Johnson, and totally unrelated to animals…It just shows, all the fake profiles, and all the lies the cult members ALL tell. Just further their agendas! We all prove them wrong daily, and they just resort to blocking, and keep on lying!!!

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  4. Don’t you ever wonder how many are cat hoarding spinsters (CHS)? Anyone with a LIFE, job, friends and family can’t POSSIBLY have the time to peruse comment section after comment section “rewording” the same fear mongering semantics post after post after post !

    There’s also LCL (liquid courage loner) and IBS (internet bully syndrome).

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    1. This a million times.. I get the itch every once in a while and spend a few hours trying in vain to educate these troglodytes and pissing off bogart before I give up and go back to real life.

      How the hell do they have so many hours in a day to just sit there and scanning for the word dog bite and pit bull. Get a life…

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    2. Hey now, my pibble would be a cat hoarded if I let him! He’d adopt every kitty he could bc he is obsessed with these magical little ninjas. His idea of heaven is to be snuggled and kissed on by all the kitties ever!

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