Two Sides to a Coin

It’s no secret that the ever evolving world of pit bulls can and will be complicated. There always be two sides to an issue and the majority of time there is a middle ground where the sane congregate. Unfortunately for PETA, just like their new partners in murder and mayhem are way out in left field of the land of bat sh@t craziness.

PETA released their answer to the growing very public outrage at their new merger with and Daxton’s Friends in a short 1:45 second video showing pit bulls being rescued from horrid conditions. Their official stance euthanizing out of love ringing loud and clear. Now, I’m not denying that there are dogs in those disgusting conditions or that there never have been dogs like that, because there are- but what PETA fails to show you is dogs coming from those conditions healing and growing into the amazing dogs they always had the potential to be.

PETA goes on bemoaning:

They’re seen as macho status symbols—they’re taunted, abused, used as show pieces—and they pay a heavy price. Because there are breed-specific reasons why people abuse them, they also need to be protected for breed-specific reasons.”

So, yes… PETA has a video of 100 dogs that they “rescued”. Knowing PETA’s track record, I bet that the majority of those 100 dogs never made it out of the PETA center alive. For PETA’s video, with the sole purpose to somehow explain why their “loving euthanization” is the best for these breeds, that the sole purpose of this breed is to be abused, to be victims, that they have absolutely no potential whatsoever other than fighting and dying. That propaganda works for and Daxton’s Friends. It works because they can point fingers and say “See! These genetically purpose bred killing machines have no right to loving homes!” All three groups, PETA, DBO and DF say over and over again, ” Adopt dogs WORTH adopting….as long as they are NOT pit bulls.” “There are at least 400 perfectly acceptable breeds that are not pit bulls to adopt!”

The great thing is, there are millions of these dogs that prove just how wrong those three groups are…. daily and there are millions of families showing the world just how amazing these dogs are. Even when they started out in the worst of the worst environment, once removed and given that one chance, they grow right in front of us and do the most amazing things and become the most amazing dogs.

For the all the fear mongering that DBO, PETA and Daxton’s Friends do and for the rare horror story they dig up with only half the facts, there will always be millions of stories of happy and healthy pit bulls just living their lives surrounded by love.

It’s an insult to this ever evolving breed to try to keep them in this victim status. Once, some were victims, but now…. they are survivors. They are companions, best friends, play mates, clowns, and goof offs. They can over come, fly, they can hurdle, they can catch, they can sleep, they can dream, teach, heal, and help.

You don’t have to like these dogs, you don’t ever have to own one…. but you don’t have the right to paint them as these man made beasts with no purpose other than living and inflicting pain.

But we have the right to protect them from people that want to harm them with their fake compassion and hidden agendas and we will…. every single day for generations to come.