Harsh Dose of Reality

It’s time for some honesty. It’s time for some brutal, in your face, smack you over the head harsh dose of truth. If you are a pit bull owner, a pit bull advocate or rescue, you can not support PETA too. If you truly love and want the best for the multiple breeds targeted by PETA and their new partners, you would politely tell PETA to diddle right off.

Can you really support an organization that  claims to believe the killing of millions and millions of dogs equates to being kind? When you look at your dog(s), can you honestly think that an organization that unites with two organizations that dedicate every waking minute trying to find ways to exterminate your dog want to protect your dog?


PETA cares about the well-being of your dog by teaming up with people like Gary Young.


PETA cares so much about the safety and well-being that they support groups created and supported by Dogsbite.org and Daxton’s Friends members that focus on exterminating your dog.


PETA cares so much about your dog, that they embrace the very public face of Daxton’s Friends member Richard Prince.


PETA cares so much about your dog that they teamed up with Prince, close friend of Founder of Daxton’s Friends Jeff Borchardt to… do what? Hypothetically discuss ways to kill your dog?


It’s no secret, no matter how many spins PETA tries to give it, one way or another, the bottom line is to kill your dog, millions of dogs in homes and healthy adoptable pit bull type dogs in shelters. The only difference between Dogsbite.org, Daxton’s Friends and PETA is the delivery method of the killing.


Just like the message Dogsbite.org founder Colleen Lynn and Daxton’s Friends founder Jeff Borchardt spouts “Go be a great person and adopt… As long as it’s not a pit bull.” “Countless other breeds and lovable mutts….except pit bulls.” “Not a single person will be affected by a mandatory ban on adopting out healthy adjusted pit bulls… Euthanize those poor dogs as soon as one paw sets foot in the door.”


Even when proven wrong by 48 dogs. 48 dogs that PETA attempted to sue for so they could euthanize them all.


Those amazing 48 dogs are just the tip of the iceberg. Millions and millions
(What does Merritt quote? 5 million pit bulls?) of these dogs are proving PETA, Dogsbite.org and Daxton’s Friends wrong.


When you look at your dog, isn’t he/she proving them wrong?

8 thoughts on “Harsh Dose of Reality

  1. Here’s the thing… And I think the people that have written the pieces for HuffPo have missed a valuable point here… In taking this position, PETA isn’t just taking an anti-pit bull, they’re taking an anti-dog position, and this is the message that needs to get out. Not only do They favor the eradication of all domesticated species, but don’t forget that many “pit bulls” are simply mixed breed dogs without any of the assumed breeds in the mix.

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  2. They think we’re stupid, and sadly those that love their pit bull dogs and still drink the sour PeTA Kool Aid, ARE if they think that the millions of dollars that this organization has won’t ultimately, and indirectly, somehow one day support BSL efforts in their area. The very money they pump into this bs organization will be used to fuel the pit bull hatred that touches their own homes…. The state of pit bull advocacy is sad. Our poor block heads. 😦

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  3. THANK YOU, Kimberley!

    PETA is so devious because it presents itself as having a pro-pet agenda that is diametrically opposed to its actual position. I can’t even tell you how many good-hearted people I’ve had to educate on this issue, and they are without exception appalled when they see what PETA’s actual official position on domestic animals is. The whole thing is a tax-exempt long con!

    Also, PETA hates women just as much as they hate pitties, as is clear from its ad campaigns and publicity stunts. The fact that the organisation is run by a woman doesn’t negate the fact; it only makes it more disturbing.

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