Twisted Facts.


What kind of Advocacy uses an image and uses it to manipulate the general public? The BSL Advocacy. This image alone shows that DBO, Daxton’s Friends and PETA are willing to lie to for their agenda.

That mountain of pit bull corpses are a direct result from Denver’s pit bull ban. Those dogs are dead because of BSL.

“Between 2005-2007, the city of Denver killed 1,667 dogs that they identified as pit bulls, most of which were living peacefully as family companions.”

Let’s discuss why many pit bulls are surrendered and euthanized on a daily basis. Let’s discuss what DBO, Daxton’s Friends and PETA do not want you to know. BSL. When breed specific legislation is enacted, many families, especially low income families are forced to chose between moving and uprooting their families, creating a financial burden on a struggling family or surrendering their beloved family pet.

“In 2003, Denver confiscated 652 registered pit bulls. They were only returned to their owners, if the owners agreed to permanently take them outside of the city limits. Otherwise, they were euthanized after the standard 5-day waiting period.”


DBO, Daxton’s Friends and PETA refuse to face the glaring fact that BSL has yet to prevent or stop the rise in dog attacks. Why is that?

Denver, CO enacted a breed-specific ban in 1989. Citizens of Denver continue to suffer a higher rate of hospitalization from dog bite-related injuries after the ban, than the citizens of breed-neutral Colorado counties.”- NCRC

Neither of those groups are interested in lowering dog attacks or making our communities safer… in fact, DBO has stated, they are not interested in lowering dog attack statistics…they just want to focus on multiple breeds they label as pit bulls gone and they will twist and distort facts to attempt this.


4 thoughts on “Twisted Facts.

  1. I hate these people… I have shared with EVERYONE I can think of… from Celebrity advocates to locals. The word is getting around and I hope it makes people stop and think before donating to any of these hate groups.

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