Blame Game

Doesn’t the old blame game get a bit tiring? What is going to happen when Borchardt and the rest of the hate propaganda machine run out of people, organization, dogs, politicians, presidents, mail men, newspapers, news reporters, bloggers and only God knows who else to blame?


“The New York Times has resisted publishing such free advertising for pit bulls . . . until this year. On October 1st, timed to coincide with National Pit Bull Awareness Month, the Times published the first of several articles promoting pit bulls. The Times subsequently published pit positive articles on October 7th, 9th, and 10th, and there may be more to come.”- writes the notorious SRUV blog

How dare anyone write anything positive about pit bull type dogs or their owners. How dare anyone publish the good and the bad. We all know that the media has no issue plastering negative stories over and over again but The New York Times has never had an issue printing negative stories pertaining to the breed and the issues surrounding them.  July 11, 1987 , March 12, 1991 … and those are just a few. Take a look for yourself.

new york times

However, The New York Times dared to print a few positive stories. Because, according to Borchardt and, positive stories about pit bulls should never be printed. The millions of innocent pit bull type dogs that are lounging in homes, working alongside their owners, comforting and healing veterans, or just being dogs should never ever be spoken about. Instead, according to SRUV (by their own written statement are not experts of any sorts.), and Jeff Borchardt only stories that paint these dogs aa brutal murdering beasts.

If anything, the continuous evolution of these dogs tear apart the very foundation of their whole argument. There is no denying the basic background of the ancestors of these dogs. There is no denying that humans worked on crating dogs (of multiple genetic make ups) to create their fighting dogs. What dog fighters proved is that creating that perfect game dog was a crap shoot. Out of a litter maybe 1 or 2 dogs the so called game they desired. One dog out of the dogs rescued from the Vicks fighting operation was euthanized for being human aggressive. Multiple dogs rescued from Vicks man made hell are living happily in homes, some have since passed away, never hurting a single thing once removed from an environment where fighting and blood shed was demanded. Proving once again how an enviroment can affect genetics.

I get it, Borchardt is a raging douchbag of anger. He keeps himself in this suspended state of rage and violence and he surrounds himself with people who need him to be in that destructive state, no matter the cost. The fact is, numbers don’t lie. No matter how SRUV, Merritt, Lynn or Borchardt try to spin it, there are millions (and millions) of pit bull type dogs, the majority of pit bull type dogs have not killed a single thing. According to Merritt, there is an estimated of 3- 5 million of pit bull type dogs in the United States right now and according to the lasted population numbers, the United States is bursting at least 321.65 million people. That is 1.6 % which to be frank, is a guess since they can never decide what is a pit bull.

I’ll be honest, Merritt math makes my eyes cross. In his own words:

“To develop an estimate of the numbers of animals killed or injured by dog attacks, I collected media reports of 424 dogs killing 593 other animals and injuring more than 200 during calendar year 2013, and of 409 dogs killing 320 other animals and injuring 118 during calendar year 2014.”

So, in 2013 and 2014 he collected a total of… 833 dog against animal attacks ( 424 + 409) yet somehow he gets this:

Fifty thousand dogs per year, including at least 34,250 pit bulls, attack other animals, according to ANIMALS 24-7 analysis of dog attack data from 2013-2014.”

Oh wait, I forget…. “publishing an estimate based on proportionally weighting the limited data that was available to get regionally balanced representation.” So, we have some guessing and then some “For each reported attack, there was probably a minimum of one unreported attack involving animals of the same household”, just adding a few more for good measure and of course, we can’t forget: “Thus the number of reported attacks in communities of less than 10,000 people could simply be multiplied by three to get the probable numbers of total animal victims: only 67% might be unreported.” Either way, that’s how you turn 833 dog attacks into fifty thousand, by guessing and just pulling numbers from your ass.


I don’t get it and neither do millions of people. Even experts point out his numbers make absolute no sense to someone sober. But, when you have the vast majority of pit type dogs kicking your ass daily by just being awesome dogs, I guess they have to dig deep in the bag of bull shit to have any sort of argument.

2 thoughts on “Blame Game

  1. Hahah….again, the deflect, then redirect, away from the truth!! They just cannot stand that they are a laughing stock of the US….lol I do feel sorry for Borchardt’s new baby. That kid will have the shittiest life, because his father will not face the guilt of his irresponsibility for his other son. The new baby, will actually not get to know his father at all. He cannot compete with the memory of his dead brother. So sorry for that child.

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  2. Heres a fact. In 2014 100% of BSL advocates raped, murdered and robbed an elderly woman in their community. I get this fact by going on the assumption that 100% of these attacks go unreported, because the victim has been terrified and stalked until they feel unsafe to report.

    I get my numbers from Wikipedia!

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