What’s up with PETA?


It’s no secret that PETA would be more than thrilled with the mass euthanization of all pit bull type dogs.

People who genuinely care about dogs won’t be affected by a ban on pits. They can go to the shelter and save one of the countless other 
breeds and lovable mutts sitting on death row through no fault of 
their own.”- January 27, 2000 By INGRID NEWKIRK

Now PETA, notorious for their kill and dump method have teamed up with the notorious Dogsbite.org and Daxton’s Friends with the sole purpose of eradicating multiple breeds on a campaign of deception and fear mongering.


The thing about partnership is that both parties have to have a similar goal. Both parties have to acknowledge and accept each groups stance and behaviors. Is PETA now representing and supporting Dogsbite.org and Daxton’s Friends? Will they publicly accept the violent and extremist behaviors of their partners?


I’m confused. How would a group that makes such a profit by publicly protesting animal abuse of any sort want to team up with groups that openly  promote torture and killing of animals based on breed? Isn’t the whole basis of PETA wanting to euthanize pit bulls to protect them from abuse and cruelty?


This is one of PETA’s campaigns .. People who are violent to animals rarely stop there. Has PETA investigated the Dogsbite.org and Daxton’s Friends? Both groups sit around talking about how to kill dogs DAILY. Hell, the founder of Daxton’s Friends Jeff Borchardt ponders how to get away with poisoning neighborhood dogs.


I mean, I could go on for days showing DBO’s and Daxton’s Friends member ranting about killing dogs….


…..and some more…


….even more….


…. Some of good ‘ole Harve admitting to killing of pit bulls…


….shooting/stabbing them from a moving vehicle…


… Of course the hypothetical torturing.. Because it’s just so funny to talk about torturing dogs….


Really PETA? THESE are the people you want to hold bloody hands with? I guess when you already have blood on your hands, a little more won’t bother you, right?

13 thoughts on “What’s up with PETA?

  1. There has to be something that can be done about this kind of stuff. Especially seeing so many people willing to jump to kill a dog because of it’s breed. My Pitbull is my emotional assistance dog and service dog in training. She is in no way a monster. And what if a person gets a sick idea to do these things and hurts my dog. It could cause me more problems. My dog has saved me in so many ways. And in all honesty, if I saw someone hurting her I would snap. She is like a child to me. These people make me sick.

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  2. I was a PETA supporter but am longer due to their support of BSL, use of ridiculous antics & tactics as well as for some employees who were caught disposing of animals in their care some years ago. Absolute ludicrous!

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