Cindy M. Ballard is one Bitter Bug

Poor Cindy Maylene Ballard/Matos/Payne of Claremore Oklahoma. Cindy is suffering from a bad case of the envies.


Lord, help that poor woman (awww… I’m praying for you Cindy!). I’m always amused (and excited for them!) when they google me fervently that they find public projects. Maybe I just misunderstand what public really means? Does public mean private?

Anywho, my dear Cindy Pickalastnamealready is just wetting herself with glee at finding a kickstarter project from….2014


In fact, she’s so giddy that she blogged about it on her brand new blog The Pit Bull Problem!


Follow the money trail…. What money trail? I suppose if I really pushed it and raised money…there would be a money trail?  I’m curious though, why is she such a bitter bug? I mean, on one hand- they tell me I’m this nobody just blogging away on a blog no one reads and on the other hand, I’m this super nutter responsible for the reason people have pit bulls and should just diiiiiiiiiieeeeeee!  

I’m getting mixed signals….

Hmmm…. I really miss making those videos!

All I can say is, at least I inspire Cindy M Ballard/Matos/Payne, but she really doesn’t need to be so envious. I’m more than thrilled to add her to my Christmas card list if she truly wants to be part of my life…. or she can keep stalking me. I mean, she’s 59 years old and lives in a town with a population of a little over 18,971 people, I guess she has to get her excitement from somewhere?

8 thoughts on “Cindy M. Ballard is one Bitter Bug

  1. Grammar nazi time because it just bugs the ever lovin’ crap out of me.
    Cindy Pickalastname you usage of *dies* is incorrect.
    “while innocent victim *die*” which by the way, does not happen every day many times over. Exaggeration will never get your point taken seriously. Also I don’t believe promoting pit bulls was the point but rather exposing morons. Oh look, there you are!!

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  2. Good grief! Out of curiosity I clicked the link to her blog. Why does it look like a carbon copy out of Bizarro World? She could show a little originality. And her grammar still sucks.

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  3. She’s taken to attacking a friend of mine, now. Said friend commented on a news article about a Pit biting a toddler. This friend owns a Pit herself, and questioned why the dog wasn’t leashed, why it does not make news when another breed bites, and offered prayers for the toddler. All lovely.

    Cindy went to my friend’s small business page and left a bad review with nasty comments claiming my friend “blamed the victim” of the dog bite. Nasty piece of human, she is!!

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