WTF Friday- Gary Young

Not sure what they are drinking over at Daxton’s Friends but they should probably slow down a bit… or just stop.

Today’s WTF moment is brought to you by Gary Young.


Gary has some self admitted issues, but it seems to be a issue that runs ramped in the Daxton’s Friends community.


Gary apparently likes to image dog orgies that involve cannibalism. From what it sounds like, Gary wasn’t alone in watching the weirdness?


The probability of Gary meaning “we” as in multiple personalities lurking his brain seem more likely than a bunch of people watching that made up nonsense.

Hold on, Gary isn’t done yet…


I will give you a moment to go rinse your mouth out since I’m pretty sure you just vomited a bit after reading that exchange… The irony is not lost on me as Gary calls pit bull owners sick as he makes up sex scenarios involving beastality.


There are somethings in this world you can never unread and this- is one of those things.

(I apologize if you were a fan of Micheal Bolton before Gary inserted him in his fantasy….)

7 thoughts on “WTF Friday- Gary Young

  1. Do these idiots know that the peanut butter comment was originally made by their fearless leader to a young girl? Who in their right mind thinks of these things? Yikes!

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  2. Their fearless leader always denies everything…and did Gary admit to using pb himself, or what…lol OMG, you just cannot make this crap up. And they wonder why everyone thinks they are nutcases.

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  3. Good grief!!!
    Okay…..pit bulls do not lick themselves more than other dogs especially in their genital region. I have 5 dogs. My pit does not lick herself more than the Chihuahuas.
    Also…Gary might want to learn how to spell Michael….*A before E*.
    Another thing.. why do they find it necessary to go into such lurid and disgusting conversations?? They are a sick bunch of creepazoids.
    Lastly…..*The Peanut Butter* comment. Yes he made it. Saw it plain as day as I was on the post where the entire mess happened. He and his bunch of minion groupies attacked a person’s page because they disagreed with his viewpoint. They attacked enmasse like the group of INTERNET TROLLS they are. This is specifically directed at Lynn!! When your group posts off topic and confrontational posts on a page which you do not follow you are the very definition of a troll. Same goes for what the DJ and the minions did…he went to her page and attacked her. You have your own pages and newsarticles to spread your craptastic opinions on.
    (Sorry had to go off topic here to make a point)

    (And honey you know I adore your but it’s *rampant*)

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