“A Kentucky woman was beaten, scalped and had a part of her ear torn off when police say her ex-boyfriend sicced his pit bull on her in a vicious attack.”- The Daily Mail


I can’t even imagine the absolute fear and horrific unimaginable pain this single mother of one felt as she was brutality attacked by her ex- boyfriend.

“As the dog was ripping in to her face and head, this man took something sharp cutting into her main artery and that wasn’t the worst of it, he cut into her scalp leaving her with 70% of her skull exposed. “

80% of her scalp was cut by her boyfriend, while the rest of it was ripped off during the dog attack. Her ex- boyfriend, Gross spent over an hour torturing her before having his dog attack her.

He proceeded to ridicule her on the way she looked after he had done this damage to her, putting her in front of the mirror and laughing,’ wrote Brittney Burkhart.

I honestly can’t believe that Daxton’s Friends and BSL Advocates have actually sunk to a new low… This woman and her son are victims and will be forever scarred by this horrific and violent crime but let’s take a peek and see how BSL Advocates and Daxton’s Friends are treating this victim behind closed doors in their private hate groups.


How is Daxton’s Friends a victims advocacy? Take the dog out of the equation, even before he had the dog attack her, the piece of shit was torturing her for over an hour and even AFTER the dog attack.

She is out of the 960,000 victims of domestic violence a year. She is one of 2,100,000 women that is attacked by a man and thanks to Daxton’s Friends and Dogsbite.org, this victim is being re- victimized all over again by a bunch of pathetic excuses of human flesh.


Who are the members of this Facebook hate group called The Pit Bull Problem?

Take a look for yourself:


Jeff Borchardt, Founder of Daxton’s Friends- he has both his normal and lurker profile in there to be safe. Next, another Daxton’s Friends board member Dennis Baker.


Yet another Daxton’s Friends Board member, Sharon Yildiz….


Of course, the notorious creator and founder of Dogsbite.org Colleen Lynn.

Do the world a favor Borchardt & Lynn, stop pretending victims really matter to you.

6 thoughts on “Unimaginable

  1. Yep, it figures….they are in no way victims advocates. Every dog they see, is a pit bull, and they want it dead. They all tell each other to “seceretly” film the horrid dog, and it’s owners to later use, when something happens. These people are not of sound mind, at all. They really need help before they hurt their family members. smdh I also saw how the Lori Welbourne ran with this story stating that it was the dogs fault for this womans swollen eyes, and bruised face, and torn scalp and ear…these people are just so pathetic.

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  2. I’m a pitbull owner it’s not the breed it piece of shit owner who teach them to be that way. Any dog could be taught to viciously attack not just pitbulls. Mine’s a big Ole baby he loves to hug & kiss & has never hurt anyone.

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