You Decide

According to the new fake profile Giovani Zorbo ( Seriously folks, they actually chose that name…) Jose Pepe Diaz, Miami – Dade commissioner is an epic failure of mankind and just another dastardly pit bull owner- the new face of the pit bull advocacy….


Whew… Glad they pointed that out because now we know for sure: Jeff Borchardt, convicted drug dealer, drunk driving, suspended license driver and founder of Daxton’s Friends is The Face of the BSL Advocacy.


Unlike Diaz, Borchardt cared so much about public safety- he bought, sold and delivered drugs. Then, because he is so concerned with public safety- Borchardt got shit faced drunk and drove drunk and got busted for it not just once… But TWICE. Then, because he’s Borchardt- he drove around on a suspended license.


Makes complete sense, right?

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