Carol Miller Speaks…

According to Carol Miller, active board member of, The Huffington Post and Arin Greenwood are not a legitimate source of news or info.


Thanks for clearing up the ever revolving issue of the legitimacy of blogs! Ladies and Gentlemen, according to board member, Carol Miller has officially stated that blogs are not news nor are they a legitimate source of information.

Guess what that means?

According to Millers statement, is not considered a legitimate source of information.

Why is that?


Yep! Colleen Lynn, creator of, is just a blogger and is technically just a blog.

Who else does this affect? isn’t the only online source discredited by Miller, but Daxton’s Friends and anything written by the blogger Jeff Borchardt gets flushed right down the toilet!



We can’t forget the two Canadian bloggers:

Ms. Mia Johnson….


and the topless blogger Lori Welbourne


Just a couple more silly, discredited bloggers by board member, Carol Miller.

Last but not least…

We can’t forget a few of the popular Pro BSL blogs like….

Dawn James, blogger and creator of Craven Desires

Julie Edwards-Matanga, blogger and creator of The pit bull nutter circus and The pit bull lauereate.

Jeffery Sloan, blogger for 17barks

Jenny Rosen, creator and blogger of Scorched Earth

Sorry BSL Advocates, according to your leaders, your blogs are worthless and are not relevant… Take it up with Carol Miller.

3 thoughts on “Carol Miller Speaks…

  1. Haha…funny how everyone else, is nothing…even the world wide news castors are nothing in their books. But ALL the cult members are all self made everythings….lol Talk about deflections, and projections….

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  2. That’s pretty funny. Its quite apparent they don’t actually using any type of critical thinking before they set their fingers to the keyboard and start typing away. If they did they would realize they are undermining and damning more than half their own group…every single time. Exhibiting just pure desperation to vilify and discredit any pit bull owner, advocate, article or photograph and it always bites them in the ass

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