Lost in Translation

Sometimes you really have to read between the lines… especially when you are reading something written by a BSL advocate that is as notorious as Susie Iwicki. I mean, really… what was the consequence for her being responsible for the loss of a life?

Seriously folks, the only thing Daxton’s Friends and Dogsbite.org suceeds at doing is condoning irresponsible dog ownership. They literally train you how to shrug off all responsibility and place it squarely on the millions of complete shoulders of complete strangers.


Let’s get real for a moment, if you dropped your child off at daycare AND you told that daycare NOT to do something and they did and YOUR child was injured or died because of it, that daycare would be sued, people arrested and the negligence would be plastered on the 4 am, 5pm and 10 pm news. Yet, with Daxton’s Friends- you get a pat on the head, some shitty flyers and you have to sell your soul to Borchardt and Lynn and let them plaster images of your child all over their hate pages while BSL advocates foam on about “At least it was YOUR kid and not some other kid”…


 But, let’s face it. Daxton’s Friends and Dogsbite.org isn’t really interested in actually preventing dog attacks from all dogs., nor are they really interested in advocating for justice for all dog bite victims. If that was the case, then they would demand people like Susie Iwicki be charged for the death of Daxton Borchardt. They would demand people like Deborah Gail Sizemore be held responsible for the death of her son Levi Watson ( 4 year old boy unsupervised and somehow scaled a fence into a enclosed dog kennel.)  They would demand that Angela Provo be held responsible for the death of her toddler son (Left alone down stairs for an undisclosed amount of time with large family dog.).. but they don’t. They blame strangers. They blame you, me, President Obama, Republicans, Democrats, Hollywood, poor people, rich people, African American people, White people, Asian people, Mexican people, Catholics, Jews, Muslims, Hindus…. Everyone is responsible for their tragedy.

Way to go Daxton’s Friends and Dogsbite.org…. Although it makes sense why they don’t want dog attacks to stop. They would actually have to go out and get a real job instead of living off the measly donations from their dwindling crowd.

2 thoughts on “Lost in Translation

  1. Honest to God.

    If I had been in Iwicki’s place that day, I would not be alive right now to make feeble excuses. Because I would have died defending that child. No exaggeration, no boasting. It’s just what normal human beings are hard-wired to do.


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  2. That is why the dj kept saying, that the cop said to him, it was the “perfect storm”. Meaning, and like that Gary Young person and a few others in the prop group, said it fits perfectly with planning the perfect murder. And I hate to say it, but these couple of people in the prop group, may be on to something. But that has always been my opinion.

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