Can’t make this sh@t up…

The collection of stupidity is over flowing …

Shall we begin?

Get Educated Fools….


Yes Jenny, it takes a lot of effort from your fellow morons to form a cohesive thought beyond kill all pit bulls, but you are not alone in your disgust with the crap your fellow idiots have been spewing. Just ask Freda…


Freda became offended at being labeled a “nutter”  after reading the controversial article by Clifton. You know, when he said anti- vaxxers were no different than pit bull owners. She dared to make her slighted feelings public and she was not so graciously dumped right on her ass by her former buddies. Yet- Freda isn’t the only one jilted either…. The gloriously haggish hateful Ninja has had her fill of the infamous hate group….


It’s never a good day when the Ninja feels the urge to puke but that’s the
NORMAL reaction to that disgusting page. Maybe that old hag has some brain cells left kicking around in that ‘ole head?

Shit is still Shit no matter how many times you change the name….


Linda Ann/ Linda Chapman…. I don’t get it… Are you not proud of your ignorance? I mean… Nice try on the whole incognito attempt. 69 days isn’t that far off.. Better think of a better name change.

Bitter Bob


I think this speaks volumes about their advocacy….

It’s alllllll a lie….


Cuz military personnel only live on base. If you live off base and own a pit bull, you just can not be in the military. It’s a fact ‘cuz Aaron says so. Also, ATTS was invented by Germans and not  by Alfons Ertel in 1977 and isn’t worth squat…somebody should email the national breed clubs that they have been duped.

The Under Cover Moron


I mean, who doesn’t sit around talking about how mean their pit bulls are?


Investigator Lance Wendling, he’s on the case… armed with a mic and Daxton’s Friends flyers and ready to take on the lying scumbags!

Daddy Issues…..


So she knows 25 women who own pit bulls…. One is in a relationship, 18 are always single and 6 are lesbians with men issues? Oh, right- and they are substituting their aloof mean daddies with pit bulls? Makes sense…. to absolutely no one.

You’re Welcome?


Wait- Borchardt warned him that members of his own victims advocacy would trash talk his ex girlfriend?  Borchardt feels that Marc Browns words were taken out of context? So, they didn’t sit around and talk about how glad they are the young woman was killed?



Go ahead and check out the rest here
I’m glad he warns people how his own advocacy will drag victims through the mud… Either way, you are most welcome, Borchardt.

10 thoughts on “Can’t make this sh@t up…

  1. BoredShit can’t even spell your name correctly!! What a dunce!! Seriously BS, it’s not twisting your words when she uses screenshots and says *read this…& this….and look what he/she said* sorry dude. You guys are clearly hate-filled…it’s obvious to everyone…except of course you!!


  2. This is the best one yet! So, we all have daddy issues, and marriage issues? So I guess my 33yr marriage to my high school sweetheart is all a lie? And we all know how the foamers are all still married, or still have their kids! lol And the idiot that want to dupe us, and film it but doesn’t know how to film stuff? I could go on, and on…..but yep, they are soooo busted!

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