Daxton’s Friends- A Public Safety Advocacy Gone Horribly Wrong

You know how a victims advocacy/public safety group has gone down hill? When they start wishing for more dog bite victims.


This family is the newest target of the anti-pit group created by Daxton’s Friends founder Jeff Borchardt. According to Lisa Padgett, card carrying Daxton Friends supporter and Dogsbite.org member, this image of a mother, her two children and their dogs is “scary”. Right- I mean, I know toddlers can be scary at times but come on..

You know what’s scary? How these hags sit around and rub their greedy little hands together wishing and praying for a dog attack.


Joanna McGinn, staunch supporter and close friend of Jeff Borchardt and Daxton’s Friends can only hope that the mother to these two young children will be brutally attacked and killed while the children are in school. Considering this is in the group created and administrated by Jeff Borchardt- he is fully aware of this and even condones this train of thought.

Failed as a DJ, failed as a generally decent human, failed as a victims advocate and absolutely failed as a public safety advocate- maybe he should focus on being a better father this time around and stop advocating for violence, Lord knows we don’t want him failing at fatherhood again..right?

5 thoughts on “Daxton’s Friends- A Public Safety Advocacy Gone Horribly Wrong

  1. Aww… how sweet of victims advocates to wish death. They need more stories because, today, the bread they hate didn’t harm over 2 million people… yet another human has open fired into another church. People are worse than any dog will EVER be.
    Bite me

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  2. Wait……WHAT? Better father this time around???

    On another note….you would think that McGinn would get a clue and not publicly air her disgusting opinions for the entire world to read. She obviously has not a single drop of *real* compassion or empathy in her. Nor any functioning brain cells

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