Say What…

Genetics. Sometimes they kick in…. Sometimes they don’t.

According to BSL Advocates, genetic and hereditary traits in the dog world are an absolute deal. All labs will love the water, all border collies will herd, all guardian live stock dogs will guard and all pit bulls will eat you like a thanksgiving dinner.

Pam had some live stock guardian dogs- like a day ago.


So, these two “guardian live stock dogs” have been ganging up on things and attacking but for some reason, Pamela- our favorite ISIS, African american, mexican, liberal, pit bull hating BSL Advocate, decided it was a great idea to leave those dogs to “guard” her precious goats.


What’s that? Her full bred “goat guarding dogs” didn’t fulfill their genetic purpose? How can that be? How is that even possible? I’m sorry- what’s that? Oh…. Because genetics aren’t everything? Well- duh… Millions of pit type/bully breeds prove that daily.

I wonder, when Pamela took two of her dogs out to the field to put a bullet in their head- if she took a moment to realize that she is a failure in dog ownership. I doubt it- especially since she “spared” the worst out of the bunch in her words.

Leaving aggressive guarding live stock with your nanny goats…. What could go wrong?


8 thoughts on “Say What…

  1. Holy mackerel! Where is the personal responsibility?! It’s all the dogs’ fault, not the human who trained (or chose not to train) the dogs? There’s a reason that pre-trained, adult livestock guardian dogs cost so much more than puppies. It’s because the TRAINING is what makes them valuable!

    It’s so scary to see that she has a child. When her son was a toddler, did she consider it HIS fault if he stuck his fingers in an electrical socket or found a pack of matches? Yikes.

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  2. Hmmm…….did she think the dogs would just *naturally* guard and herd her goats? Because that’s what she seems to imply in her comments.
    I had the unfortunate pleasure of *talking* to her on an article once. Thick headed and stupid was my impression. As well as narrow-minded and hateful.

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  3. See, it is in every dog to stalk, prey, bite and kill! So, makes me think she lied all along about the so called “pit bull” that belonged to her neighbors, that supposedly killed her goats?? Cult members always say others are lying to hide their own guilt and lies.

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