Tales of Cindy M- The Dark Side of the Holistic Cult

The face behind Reunion Rescue, the furious avenging free lance “reporter”, hoarder apologist, professional victim, Raw Food expert, Holistic cultie otherwise known as Ms. Cindy Marabito. Love her or hate her- you eventually stumble across her and her multitude of victims.

At first, I thought- seriously…. How crazy can this woman really be? Maybe she’s just misunderstood? Maybe she really isn’t defending and making excuses for hoarders that turn down actual help because they only want the money? Maybe she really isn’t attacking rescues because they don’t agree with her? People have to be totally wrong about her- there is no way a responsible rescue would be telling folks NOT to vaccinate their dogs… That no way is Cindy M would be that grossly irresponsible.

I obviously was wrong. Cindy Marabito is freaking bat shit insane. Not is she insane but she’s a bully who can dish it out but cries when it comes around to bite her in the ass but seriously-  has anyone else figured out who Cindy is identical to? Colleen Lynn, founder of Dogsbite.org.

Just like Colleen Lynn, Cindy has appointed herself the leading authority of all rescues and publicly stalks and threatens anyone who dares speak out against her.

“You also left out the part that said I was eventually gonna put him in the house without other pit bull. This I son and my dog. Keep them off this page.”- Jared Allen

“Just a quick question.. where did you have your long lost dog chained up before you have no fense? See link:”- American Pit Bull Examiner (Commented on by Cindy Marabito)

“Jaren Allen just to make sure you know this is the stolen photo you need to report to Facebook. It doesn’t matter whre this page got the photo if you didn’t give them permission to use it. it (sic) is stolen.”- Gregory Bradford

” Here’s the ASPCA using the chained dog as a fundraising op!”-American Pit Bull Examiner (Commented on by Cindy Marabito)

Taken right out of the DBO handbook… What do you do when a parent asks you to leave their children alone? Well, if you are DBO and Cindy M, you laugh and keep harassing the family!

Cindy, the champion of Hoarders! It’s strange reading her defend a woman like  Bobbie Taylor– living proof of the No Kill movement going horribly wrong. I mean- for Christ sake Cindy, Bobbie eve says: “While admitting conditions at her facility were not ideal” (otherwise known as deplorable..) and you have testimony from peope WHO dealt with her that explains the horrific conditions:



That’s not the only account either…


No matter how you look at it, that woman had 251 dogs and 49 cats living in horrific conditions…. and Cindy M is okay with that? Doesn’t it seem grossly irresponsible?

Maybe Cindy M and Colleen can have some tea and talk about how much they hate BADRAP?

http://nadrap.org”- Diane O’Neal

“Bad rap… where two spindletop survivors were murdered and lied about… after having been put up for adoption by Animal Farm Foundation, HSUS, Red Rover and Montgomery County..thanks BAD RAP keep up the good work, i.e. killing… where are all those lifers…6′ under!” – Cindy Marabito


Oh the irony…. Cindy’s “reporting” has the same views as Dogsbite.org..

“Remember, anything you read in the examiner dot com by certain less than truthful sources should be taken with a grain of kitty litter.” – Diane O’ Neal


Less than truthful sources… Makes me wonder if Colleen and Cindy are long lost siblings?

5 thoughts on “Tales of Cindy M- The Dark Side of the Holistic Cult

  1. Cindy M. is a world class piece of shit. She’s a liar, a bully, a cry baby, and literally insane. Nothing good comes from her. Hoarding animals and taking donations to feed them does not make you a rescue. Couldn’t wish enough bad things on this woman.


  2. She was on my friend’s list. I would not ever get involved in any personal drama she brought up. She went over the line when she posted Tim Racer’s salary, a mere $70,000 I believe, and said how did someone who *whittled* earn that much money. The man is a freaking ARTIST!!! His dog carousel carvings are just unbelievable!!! People that can afford them I’m sure cherish them forever. He also does restoration work.
    I don’t really know that much about him as far as Bad Rap but apparently she has a vendetta against him.

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    1. Wow, really? And he lives in the Bay Area – $70,000 won’t get too far.
      I donate to BADRAP (not much, like $75 a year) and I’m satisfied enough to see that they do good work. Their records prove it. I don’t see Cindy with those outcomes.

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