Jeff Borchardt is Scared

Jeff Borchardt is scared and he has publicly acknowledged it. Jeff Borchardt, a 40 year old failed DJ has publicly acknowledged that he is completley incapable of facing the community that he has attempted to target. What he also acknowledges is that he’s obviously threatened by 11 year old girls and non pit bull owners too.


Which basically means Borchardt stalked pit bull owners Facebook friends list and proceeded to stalk random people- including children. It’s bad when you can smell Borchardts fear across the US.

I should thank Borchardt. If it weren’t for him taking images of children- mine included- I would never have known about the world of BSL advocates. If Borchardt hadn’t tried to intimidate me, frighten me, I would have never known my child was one of thousands of his victims.

“It can take up most of your day burning in your mind.”- Jeff Borchardt

Poor Borchardt, it seems he doesn’t like the response to his harassment. He doesn’t like the fact that if you google Jeff Borchardt you will see the disgusting violence propagated by Jeff Borchardt & his BSL Advocacy. I dare Jeff Borchardt to prove that any screen shots posted are fabricated. Go ahead Borchardt- I’ll be waiting with bells on… But we know who really doesn’t have the balls.

These people would not have the balls to say it to your face.”- Jeff Borchardt

Remember when you thought it was funny googling where pit bull owners lived? Remember when I- just like other mothers who asked you to remove the image of their young children from your hate group and you laughed and then threatened them that you knew where they lived? I- and many other parents remember and some of us invited you over…. and yet- you were a no show. Why is that?

It’s been a little over 720 days since you chose the wrong mother to bully- go take a shower, I can smell your fear from here and it’s pathetic. I’m glad you realize that now- but by no means is it the end. Each and every day BSL gets thrown out is like another nail in your coffin of hate – looks like your suffocating on it.

13 thoughts on “Jeff Borchardt is Scared

  1. Hard to deny this isn’t a cult anymore..telling people who they are allowed to talk to? Try to deny the complete stupidity of this…this has CULT write all over pathetic..

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    1. Coward, douchebag, fraud, degenerate….all good descriptions for this slug. I could smell his con from a mile away. Motherfucker rants and raves about how pit bulls are such killers yet how many DUI’s does he have? And those would be just be the times he got caught. We all know how many people die from drunk drivers!! Fucking hypocrite!!!

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  2. This list is a veritable who’s who of awesome folks, vocal opponents of dogsbite-style animal-cruelty advocacy and total strangers that the “pit lobby” really looks forward to working with! Thank you Jeff, one of Kim’s most avid readers, for this wonderful list! You’re singlehandedly helping expand and centralize the big pit lobby network! Like we always say, nobody “pit pushes” more effectively than Colleen’s pet trolls!

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  3. LOL! This just cracks me up. Make sure the culties know who to block so they are not exposed to alternate opinions. What adult with any self esteem let’s some coward tell them who should be blocked on THEIR profile? LOL! That Jeffy us scared of a little girl shocks us not at all.

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  4. Looks like we made it!!! I’m on the list, however can still see all 4 of Jeff’s accounts. So he must have unblocked me so he can creep on my profile some more . . . . or something.

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